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  • America is seeing a lot of in-fighting, so we are led to believe.

  • Some of it is purifying while some of it is foolish.

  • Some is real while some is over-reported.

  • Reporting would have us believe that Trump’s administration is divided.

  • Little be it known that Lincoln packed his own cabinet with opponents in the Republican

  • primaries.

  • Some competition isn’t exactly bad.

  • But, we still won’t know the whole story for at least two years.

  • Bill O’Reilly’s career is all but over.

  • The big question is about timing.

  • Roger Ailes resigned about nine months ago amid accusations because he didn’t want

  • to be a “distractionat the network.

  • Now, accusations against O’Reilly have been long floating like feathers of a pillow emptied

  • in the streets.

  • But, only now are they surfacing.

  • Why?

  • Being thenetwork for Conservatives”, Sarah Palin is right.

  • Republicans are a “party of cannibalsand, now, that same in-fighting narrative

  • is being reported in the White House.

  • While the Conservative voters don’t want anything to do with a “party of cannibals”,

  • the establishments that depend on themFox News and the RNC being at the frontdon’t

  • seem to get that message.

  • O’Reilly is Catholic.

  • Conservatives are often Christian in some form or another.

  • Forgiveness is part of their model.

  • Fox News and the Republican party would both be wise to denounce their tradition of socially

  • cannibalizing.

  • Fox News doesn’t answer to CNN and NBC audiences, it answers to its the Fox News audience.

  • If O’Reilly resigns, it’s the beginning of the end for the Fox News Channel.

  • If Bannon resigns, it’s the end of the Republican party.

  • But, that’s okay.

  • Another news network and another political party can always take their place.

  • Maybe that would be best anyway.

America is seeing a lot of in-fighting, so we are led to believe.


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