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  • Senate Democrats are now making noises about 60-vote cloture being removed for legislation.

  • The cloture rule was removed 55-45 for Supreme Court nominees.

  • Why Democrats have brought up the discussion for removing the cloture rule altogether remains

  • a mystery, unless they expect to use fear as a preventative tactic in 2018.

  • However, once an idea is introduced, even if by fear, the idea is up for valid discussion.

  • Had Democrats hoped to retain cloture for legislation, they should have allowed Republicans

  • to bring it up first.

  • Now, elimination of the cloture rule altogether is inevitable.

  • The White House is in somewhat of a shakeup.

  • ChiefStrategeristSteve Bannon is getting shuffled, but no reasons seem to be valid.

  • We may not find out the real reasons for at least two years, once the presses cool off,

  • the stakes aren’t as high, and people aren’t so tight-lipped about inside baseball.

  • Trump ordered a 59-Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Syria after 80 were killed with

  • nerve gas.

  • The missiles targeted what was thought to be the base for the gas attack.

  • Russia is also on the scene.

  • The nerve gas was banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

  • Putin responded with his usual worldview of nationalist, socialist victimhood.

  • Whatever he and his crew resort to is necessary because of what the West took from them in

  • the zero sum game.

  • Putin is a true Hitlergentle and endearing as a teddy bear who never raises his voice

  • before his audience, compassionate, polite, never rude, never tough to critique directly,

  • only strong to march behind, and everything he does is excused by whatthey did to

  • us”.

  • Syria’s use of banned chemical weapons could have been a ploy all along, by the Russians

  • and their allies, to draw Trump’s action to justify escalation.

  • Though it may have been bait from the Russian’s view, it might have been brilliant for Trump

  • to tell the world that the US isn’t pantie-whipped anymore and to draw Russia’s attention to

  • the Middle East while the USS Carl Vinson carrier group goes to North Korea.

  • Nearly 100k jobs were created in March alone, over 200k in February.

  • An accurate presidential pollInvestor’s Business Dailyranked Trump at 34% approval.

  • Since Trump took office, Americans have only seen two results: a boom in jobs and an onslaught

  • from the news industry.

  • The people haven’t heard much from Trump directly because he is too busy keeping promises,

  • no matter how politically controversial those promises are.

  • With good and bad news, people’s political opinions haven’t changed; they have only

  • strengthened.

  • And, that strengthening is just now getting started.

Senate Democrats are now making noises about 60-vote cloture being removed for legislation.


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