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  • China continues an uphill battle with the Western media.

  • Sunflower students were cleared of all charges in their occupation of their nation’s legislature

  • three years ago, almost to the day.

  • Joined by leaders Lin and Chen, Joshua Wong from Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement urged

  • the release of a Taiwanese college instructor, Lee Ming-che, from China’s custody.

  • Lee is an advocate for human rights and is being held for matters ofnational security”.

  • The best way to understand the Hong Kong Umbrella movement’s end game is regime change in

  • China.

  • Hong Kong has no military and pro-independence Hong Kongers don’t seem to be advocating

  • mandatory military draft enrollment for all Hong Kong males.

  • Taiwanese males not only have mandatory draft enrollment, but have a minimum compulsory

  • service time after finishing school.

  • Taiwan’s student movement interrupted secret government talks between the US adversary

  • China and the US ally Taiwan.

  • Taiwan purchases military equipment from the US, including Apache gunships and F-16 fighters,

  • though trade was the primary concern of the Taiwanese protest.

  • Both military and trade are China-related talking points from President Trump, especially

  • this week.

  • No such talking points related to the Hong Kong protests.

  • The Taiwanese movement was led by young men who would serve in their nation’s military,

  • disrupted the government’s legislature for three weeks, and resulted in change.

  • The Hong Kong protests were led by young men forbidden by their government from serving

  • in their military, occupied public streets for three months, and only led to international

  • attention.

  • The only way to gauge the Hong Kong protests as a success is if the goal was to stir international

  • attention in the media to raise sentiment against Chinaenough sentiment that China’s

  • government changes enough to grant Hong Kong independence.

  • That is quite a significant change, enough for China to consider the matter one of national

  • security.

  • So, then, viewing activism as a matter ofnational securityin China makes sense.

  • Hong Kong’s status with China and human rights are topics Western media readers are

  • interested in.

  • By detaining people who live outside of China inside of China, activists such as Joshua

  • Wong are receiving all the ammunition they need, courtesy of China.

  • China truly is in a war against the Western newspapers.

  • That is probably why economics are Beijing’s primary tool against North Korea, while Donald

  • Trump seems to have a different strategy in mind.

China continues an uphill battle with the Western media.


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