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  • Federal interference and wieldedpower of the pursemiraculously became unethical

  • in Seattle when Trump took the helm from Obama.

  • Nearly everything the new president does is bad, not because it is bad in principle, but

  • because it is done by the president whom the media didn’t predict would win the election.

  • TheFreedom Caucusin the US House of Representatives will gain power.

  • By defeating a half-bakedrepeal and replace”—a bill that reaffirmed the power for a US Secretary

  • to create whatever related policy he willedthe Freedom Caucus proved that it was not only

  • powerful enough to defeat a bill that it’s own voting bloc presidential candidate sought,

  • but that their defeat was so powerful that they provoked him into giving them credit

  • for wielding such power.

  • But, an understanding of President Donald J. Trump suggests much more.

  • This is a mere game ofcatchwith a hardball.

  • Trump didn’t get what he wanted, he negotiated hard line, so did the Freedom Caucus.

  • In the end, he will surely make an awesome deal.

  • Republican party unity will increase.

  • Paul Ryan will object every bit as much as he takes public credit forparty unity”.

  • And, a bitter few will seethe in smoke-filled back rooms while the Republican party feigns

  • unity through Trump’s tenure.

  • After that, the Freedom Caucus will have to find a new home.

  • The big news this week is that third party politics already had its cornerstone laid,

  • and that nobody noticed.

Federal interference and wieldedpower of the pursemiraculously became unethical


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