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  • Trump has hisRussian election helpjust as Obama had hisfake birth certificate”.

  • While the Democratic base pushes for investigations of an election for which they still can’t

  • accept their loss, there is little to no complaint on Capital Hill about the Clinton Foundation’s

  • involvement in Bernie Sandersdefeat at the primaries.

  • The so-namedRussian hackinvestigation puts all of its hopes on the FBI director

  • whoseinvestigationordered the local Sheriff to enter random passwords into the

  • San Bernardino iPhone until it locked, rather than following Apple’s instructions from

  • the start.

  • This is the same man whose investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails also went nowhere.

  • The truth doesn’t matter in these outcomes of legitimacy to hold public office.

  • Once in office, the victor stays, the entire investigation is bravado for the base.

  • Some call thisdemagoguery”.

  • And, half of America is finding the excuse they need to panic.

  • America is headed toward a face off, not of facts or testimony, but of one opinion versus

  • its opposite.

  • TakeRepeal and Replaceover Obamacare for instance

  • In the first half of the week, headlines were dominated by the unproven accusation that

  • the Obama-governed election was hacked by the Russians, as if that would somehow be

  • a problem for Trump.

  • Then, “Repeal and Replaceneither repealed nor replaced.

  • Republican leadership puts together a package to phase out Obamacare without harming the

  • few who actually benefit from it.

  • TheFreedomcaucus objects to it not being conspiracy-proof enough, more or less.

  • Trump, author ofThe Art of the Deal”, isn’t finished negotiating; it’s smoke

  • screen time.

  • Smoke screen time…”

  • Trump TweetsWatch Judge Jeaninetonight.”

  • Judge Jeanine opens her show by saying that House Speaker Paul Ryan should resign.

  • Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tells Sunday show host Chris Wallace that Trump’s Tweet

  • was to help a personal friend promote her show and that the White House doesn’t want

  • Ryan to resignbut, the discussion is now on the table.

  • Suddenly, the White House supporting people in the media is a bad thing because Trump

  • is the one supporting.

  • Suddenly, reaching across the isle is a bad thing because headlines portray that Trump

  • wants to be the one reaching.

  • Like dogs begging for doggie biscuits, talking heads freely advertise that Trump is willing

  • to accept any votes Democrats want to give himas if that is something new.

  • Now, the investigation into whatever the Russians were allowed to get away with under Obama’s

  • watch is creating questions for Obama officials to draft answers for.

  • What does it all mean?

  • It all means that players who try totrumpTrump, are gonnaend up in a dust storm.

  • Trump’s election didn’t merely metaphoricallyblow upDemocrats, or Republicans for

  • that matter, but the entire political landscape with them.

  • That’s what his supporters really wanted, and that’s just what theyre getting.

  • That’s what this is all about: blowing the dust off an archaic stronghold.

  • Right or wrong, Washington has a new general in town.

  • No more business as usual.

  • No more politics as usual.

  • The games aren’t going to look like the Harlem Globe Trotters vs the Washington Generals

  • anymore.

Trump has hisRussian election helpjust as Obama had hisfake birth certificate”.


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