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  • North Korea made headlines again.

  • Reports have it that North Korea performs a routine ritual of saber rattling every spring.

  • It’s definitelysaber springinKim world”. Trump thinks the Great Successor

  • is a naughty boy, behaving verybadly”.

  • China’s answer is to educate the US on calmness and diplomacy, while continuing to build weaponized

  • islands in the South Sea.

  • The US is certainly paying attention.

  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made a pit stop in China.

  • While the US won’t take anything off the table, including pit stops and naming that

  • military actionwon’t be taken off the table, the stronger, less visible, and

  • probably more important response from the US is money.

  • The Fed is raising interest rates and China appears to be in some kind of economic cross-hairs.

North Korea made headlines again.


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