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  • We spend so much time on the hunt.

  • But nothing ever quite does it for us.

  • And we get so wrapped up in the hunt

  • that it kind of makes us miserable.

  • News anchor: "Black Friday shopping mania still playing out tonight at malls across America."

  • "High hopes of saving some big bucks on those holiday gifts."

  • [sounds of a chaotic crowd]

  • We as a culture have lost our minds.

  • There's no question that what it means to have achieved the American Dream

  • has increased tremendously in material terms.

  • This is not something that just happened yesterday.

  • This is something that has been sold to us over the past hundred years

  • by those that want to make a whole lot of money.

  • "Now that's what I call a good looking car!"

  • You have this thing that you were obsessed about,

  • but then the new version comes out, and now you no longer care about the one you have.

  • In fact, the one you have is a source of dissatisfaction.

  • People are beginning to recognize that they have been tricked.

  • There is no "out" until you become aware.

  • You're not going to get happier by consuming more.

  • Ready?

  • I was born ready.

  • There's nothing wrong with consumption. The problem is compulsory consumption.

  • We're tired of acquiring things because that's what we're "supposed" to do.

  • When I heard about minimalism, it wasn't about just getting rid of my stuff.

  • It was about taking control of my life,

  • and stop being told what to do and actually deciding what I wanted to do.

  • When I first started reducing the number of things in my life,

  • I found out that I had 51 things in the entire world.

  • We probably sold or donated at least 90% of our stuff.

  • As I started to move that stuff out, I was able to finally realize what I had sacrificed.

  • I don't know what the most common three words are in American homes.

  • I don't know if it's "I love you" or if it's "I want that."

  • This same thing that's not making us happy is also causing the degradation of our habitat.

  • We're going to have to give up a lot, but the secret is that a lot of that we're not actually going to miss.

  • What I found with minimalism is it's a way of saying "let's stop the madness."

  • When you recognize that this life is yours, and that is your one and only,

  • and when that seeps directly into your bones, and you recognize that this is it,

  • everything changes.

We spend so much time on the hunt.


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