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  • After the rains, flowers in the Southwest are in full bloom.

  • One highlight is purple, the color for The People’s Party.

  • As for the east coast, things are frozen, both in weather and in politics.

  • Lowering taxes could take time.

  • Getting health care laws to lower health care prices and unshackle employers could take

  • more time.

  • The leading political party’s interests are divided and their opposition has no tactic

  • beneath them.

  • Democrats are filibustering every political appointee as Obama appointees persist; Trump

  • fired 46 Obama-appointed prosecutors.

  • Of course, opposition filibusters and firing federal prosecutors for any new, incoming

  • president are both standard practice.

  • Conservatives expected as much and don’t demonstrate any shock, yet Liberals usually

  • think their loss deserves exception.

  • Everything suggests that Republicans will gain ground in the Senate come 2018, thanks

  • to the Democrats refusal on cloture.

  • Therein lies the real danger: supermajority.

  • A group of professors had a wild idea: What if Trump had been a woman and Hillary had

  • been a man?

  • Surely that would have flipped election results.

  • Actually, after a carefully-rehearsed reenactment of the presidential debates by one skilled

  • actor and one skilled actress, Liberal supporters were in for another surprise.

  • Hillary supporters adored Trump’s words when they came from a woman and hated Hillary’s

  • words when they came from a man.

  • After learning the truth, they didn’t change their political preferences, of course.

  • People rarely change their opinions, given new information, no matter what political

  • party they are from.

  • While Conservatives will tout the results of this little theatrical-political experiment,

  • they reacted with much of the same blindness over news about Bush family dealings.

  • Note, the termTrump dissidentis important in describing this presidential term.

  • Most of the people who voted for Hillary didn’t like her, supported Bernie Sanders, and liked

  • Trump least of all, to say the least.

  • Hillary’s team met with the Russians before the election, according to the Kremlin.

  • That will make the upcoming hearings even more interesting.

  • The game of chairs keeps revolving.

  • No political victory is final.

  • No enemy is ultimate.

  • And no pettiness evades anyone.

After the rains, flowers in the Southwest are in full bloom.


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