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  • China took the bait once again.

  • Whether independence for Hong Kong and Taiwan would be better or worse, that independence

  • becomes more likely every time the topic even comes up, no matter how much dissent the idea

  • receives.

  • Within China’s borders, theall press is good pressprinciple may seem to work

  • differently, but when China makes statements to the world beyond China’s press control,

  • gravity and tides operate in a way that may seem foreign to Beijing.

  • This week, China’s premiere stated the intention of having Taiwan return to Chinese control.

  • For better or worse, if China hopes to acquire Taiwan and keep Hong Kong, the most likely

  • path to success is to never even mention, respond to, or otherwise acknowledge the subject

  • in publicnot ever.

  • But, Chinese officials just can’t stop talking about it.

  • So, for better or worse, while Taiwanese independence has seemed a likelihood with the US involvedand

  • now all the more with Trumpthe near impossibility of Hong Kong breaking away from China is being

  • made less of an impossibilityfor better or worse.

  • It’s not as if East Asia has a lack of problems.

  • North Korea made its own headlines this week.

  • It fired a missile into Japanese waters.

  • Tokyo wasn’t happy.

  • And, after Kim Jong-un’s half-brother was murdered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,

  • North Korea’s ambassador made some statements, Malaysia objected, and now the visa-exempt

  • program with North Korea has been given the boot, along with North Korea’s ambassador.

  • The US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is making a tour sail with some Philippines cabinet

  • members.

  • Though everyone and his cat claims this is not a show of force, a show of force would

  • not be without arguable reason.

  • The largest active military in the world, which has neither declared victory nor defeat

  • in any war, will soon have two aircraft carries.

  • As China’s second aircraft carrier nears completion, videos have been released diagramming

  • its basic construction.

  • From the video, this first Chinese-made carrier was seeminglyreverse engineeredfrom

  • China’s Soviet-made diesel-powered Liaoning, initially purchased to become a “floating

  • casino”.

  • Irony often accompanies poetry.

  • Any victory or defeat of China would be a first.

  • So, logically, China’s stated ambition for change in the South Sea is, by definition,

  • a gamble.

  • Without history to calculate, with stepped-up rhetoric foreseeably backfiring, the Liaoning

  • and its soon-to-be christened copy did become metaphoric casinos after all, for better or

  • worse.

China took the bait once again.


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