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  • Upheaval continues to take from in both protests and weather.

  • Houston immigrants are in near panic and, now, the Oroville Dam in California is in

  • trouble and 188k people are evacuating.

  • Trump’s executive actions have a long history of basis, including Congress having given

  • the president indefinite power concerning national security, Presidents Lincoln and

  • Jackson having arrested dissident judgesmore extreme than anything Trump has done so far.

  • Trump is complying with the rulings of the courts, even though he presses on.

  • The Senate has theConstitutional Option”, often called theNuclear Option”, where

  • the president of the Senate, the Vice President, can call the Senate to vote without the Senate’s

  • consent wherematters of the Constitutionare concerned.

  • This means that the standing majority of Senators will be able to approve judges.

  • Problems of Senate rules have come up, seemingly that the Senate has made rules that tie its

  • own hands.

  • That itself is a Constitutional question: Can the Senate write its own rules making

  • itself unable to function?

  • In the end, all objection and opposition to Trump will make the Republican case stronger,

  • including the protests from dissident constituents in Republican Congressional districts.

  • Even if Trump did not have the majority support of the country, the Republicans in the House

  • and Senate do.

  • It seems clear that the minority is loud and the silent majority is busy at work, having

  • finished their project in November.

  • Still, dissidents have the evidence they need to encourage themselves to carry on.

  • Difficult times remain ahead.

Upheaval continues to take from in both protests and weather.


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