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  • No one supports the Trump protests as strongly and loudly as China.

  • They object, threaten, parade, demonstrate, opine, taunt, drill, march, and they do so

  • despite response from America’s “riot police”, in the case of the Pacific, the

  • US Navy.

  • China is also getting closer to Hollywood, to the tune of $1B USD in a Paramount deal.

  • China is reportedly dumping money into its stock market.

  • China has a lot in common with just under half of America.

  • Taiwan, siding with just over half, officially congratulated Trump.

  • As of Friday, Trump had 56% popularity when he took oath, not counting China or Taiwan.

  • Taiwan is making upgrades.

  • Just after Trump was inaugurated, and about the same time Taiwan officially congratulated

  • him and Pence, Taiwan finalized the purchase of a high-tech military communication system

  • that would, among many things, allow Taiwan’s Navy to communicate directly with the US Navy

  • 7th Fleet’s command center.

  • Taiwan is also making a deal with Uber, to allow Uber-summoned taxis, just after Taiwan

  • hiked it’s “unlicenseddriver fine to almost $800K USD.

  • Taiwan has fined Uber over $2.3M USD and its drivers over $700K USD.

  • With Taiwan’s newunlicensedtaxi fine, Taiwan could earn all it has earned

  • on Uber drivers in the past with just a single Uber driver offense.

  • Yes, while Uber gave up on butting-heads with China and China doesn’t give up butting

  • heads with Trump, Taiwan is one of those head-butting Uber.

  • All four of them are still butting heads.

  • It’s definitely been a week of the butt-head convention inthe Chinas”.

No one supports the Trump protests as strongly and loudly as China.


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