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  • The recent UN Security Council vote against Israel won’t help China’s claim to Taiwan.

  • Taiwan and Israel are poised to gain closer ties in light of last week’s “unintentional

  • Antisemitismthat was heavily condemned and harshly responded to by Taiwan’s president.

  • Now, with China having voted against Israel, and Israel breaking ties with Security Council

  • members who voted, China’s “one country, two systemspolicy won’t be as important

  • in Jerusalem.

  • China spit into the wind once again with stepped-up rhetoric over dissidents in the Mainland and

  • in Hong Kong.

  • When Hong Kong left Britain, it’s economy flourishedsomething similar to how things

  • went in the United States after the colonies left Britain.

  • But, rather than piggy-backing history, Beijing seems determined to repeat it, namely angering

  • the people with unilateral restrictions in policies that mildly resemble the Stamp and

  • Tea Acts.

  • Beijing had inherited paradise.

  • All the Communists had to do was keep their promise to leave it alone.

  • Instead, they vetted Hong Kong legislators before elections rather than reviewing Hong

  • Kong laws after they are passed.

  • And, Beijing still doesn’t understand.

  • Soon, the former British colony will echo the old, “No taxation without representation,”

  • and insist that money never leave Hong Kong for Beijing.

  • It is sad.

  • It has been sad.

  • It will be sad.

  • And, it is all without need.

  • Now, China has opponents on five fronts: Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Islam, and, as of this

  • week, Israel.

The recent UN Security Council vote against Israel won’t help China’s claim to Taiwan.


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