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  • Sir! Sir, are you all right?

  • Oh! Yeah. You guys just have really... clean doors, so...

  • I'm just going to go sit down.

  • Jean!

  • Hey, Jean!

  • I'm, I'm inside!

  • can't hear me,

  • so I'm just gonna... just gonna stop talking...

  • Are you OK?

  • That was so embarrassing! Do you think anyone saw that?

  • No! No one saw.

  • Well, except for maybe all those people laughing over there.

  • Here's some ice for your forehead.

  • [simultaneously] Oh, I'm OK.

  • They have really clean doors!

  • I know, right!

  • Definitely NOT how I imagined our first time... officially meeting.

  • Well... what was it it supposed to be like?

  • I don't know, a little more... charming and smooth and a little less... running into doors?

  • Oh! Anyway, here's your bag.

  • Oh! Yeah, here's yours.

  • What is that!?

  • You don't recognise him? It's Edgar!

  • Well, he did put on a little bit of weight since he's been with me,

  • but I try not to bring it up because... it's a touchy subject.

  • I love it! He's even cuter now.

  • And now no one will 'accidentally' take your bag again.

  • Thanks, Daniel!

  • (acoustic music)

  • Oh! Hold on...

  • No, no. It's good, it's good.

  • Wow, it's 3 already!

  • You in a rush?

  • Hot date?

  • Huh, no!

  • Ugly date?

  • No date,

  • I just have some writing I have to get done.

  • Oh, yeah me too! I gotta go do some work, so...

  • Alright, well, I guess I should-

  • You should... You should come with me!

  • I want to show you something.

  • (acoustic music)

  • I might get the job out here.

  • You deserve it.

  • You're a great writer.

  • I read your notebook, so...

  • But I'd have to move to L.A.

  • Have you ever thought of living out here?

  • I tried it once...

  • ...but there wasn't much for me here.

  • Everything I know is in New York.

  • ...Oh.

  • But...

  • I think I found a reason to give it another try.

  • So, you sure you got everything?

  • Yeah.

  • You sure that one's mine?

  • Postive!

  • Well, it was nice to meet you... again.

  • So, will I be seeing you before I fly back?

  • Yeah,

  • I'd like that.

  • (sighs)

  • (acoustic music)

  • (letter) Hey, Jeremy.

  • I know it's been a while since we last spoke, but

  • I guess I feel like I had to say...

  • ...something.

  • I still think about how things were left off between us, and...

  • ...I wish it didn't happen the way that it did.

  • I'm going to be in LA for a little while and I thought...

  • ...maybe there'd be a chance to give us another try?

Sir! Sir, are you all right?


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アウェイで私たちは起こった - Ep 4 (Away We Happened - Ep 4)

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