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  • If you've had some experience with Drupal 7 and are trying to decide if there are enough

  • good reasons to upgrade to Drupal 8 or start a new project in 8, then this series is meant

  • to give you a thorough but streamlined overview of the changes that have taken place and what

  • they mean for your workflow.

  • An amazing amount of work has gone into improving nearly every aspect of Drupal, and as you

  • start the process of learning I can almost guarantee that you'll get more and more excited.

  • As I prepared for this collection I found myself feeling really proud of the Drupal

  • community.

  • Drupal 8 has been in development for years and even though there have been some dramatic

  • changes none of them has occurred without a deep comparison of the pros and cons of

  • each change. From the perspective of someone who has used Drupal for nearly a decade every

  • change I've seen has felt both important and carefully restrained.

  • The things that were working in Drupal 7 were kept around and the things that weren't have

  • been fixed or improved. What I'd like to do for you here is offer an accelerated version

  • of a learning process that most of us will eventually go through as we migrate to Drupal

  • 8.

  • In the first videos I'm going to highlight every change in Drupal's user interface from

  • 7 to 8. By doing this we'll get a clear sense of what's been added, what's been removed

  • and what's moved or changed. Even though you would eventually discover these changes on

  • your own reviewing all of the changes at once in context will help you develop a growing

  • appreciation for the changes in Drupal 8.

  • It will tie the changes together in a meaningful way and it will give you a solid foundation

  • to build on as you dive into your first Drupal 8 projects. Once we're done reviewing the

  • interface we'll continue onto more developer-centric videos. Like how to migrate your data from

  • earlier versions of Drupal to 8, how to upgrade your theme, and how to convert custom modules.

  • But we're starting with the interface because regardless of your experience level and what

  • your role in Drupal is, you'll almost definitely be spending a fair share of your time in the

  • interface. And in Drupal 8 that's actually a pretty nice place to be.

If you've had some experience with Drupal 7 and are trying to decide if there are enough


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