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  • Hey!

  • Come on we got the sun that's shining on this brand new day

  • (Come out charging fast like a Volt Tackle)

  • Go!

  • No need to worry, I promise you that I will be okay

  • (Keep moving forward and you'll break the mold)

  • Through the land and sea and sky,

  • We go on running till the end

  • No matter what the trial, there's something we all know

  • That the bonds of our friendship can not bend

  • I'll never let you go!

  • (Whoa oh Whoa, Oh Yeah!)

  • X, Y, Z!

  • There is no foe to strong for me and you

  • X, Y, Z!

  • Keep on fighting and we will break through

  • X, Y, Z!

  • The roaring skies above,

  • Are crashing down and coming into view

  • X, Y, Z!

  • You must believe there is no dream to small

  • X, Y, Z!

  • I know that I've "Gotta Catch 'Em All"!

  • X, Y, Z!

  • We will stand side by side,

  • Like a flash fire, burn and never fly!

  • Oh yeah!

  • Go!

  • Raise both your hands high

  • (Got that one for you and I!)

  • Yeah!

  • Break through the mist and rise on out to follow your dreams

  • And then we'll jump to the sky!



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ポケモンXYZのテーマ (英語カバー) By.MidiGuyFDdp21 (Pokémon XYZ Theme (English Cover) By: MidiGuyFDdp21)

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