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  • Some people prefer handwritten notes and others prefer to type them on their computer.

  • I’ve used both methods and I want to help you decide which one is the best for you and

  • the prons and cons of each one of them.

  • The first thing you need to consider is weight and the extent of your study materials.

  • In the first binder I have all my handwritten notes from last year and the second binder

  • I have my notes from the last semester.

  • As you can see, the binder in the right has much more notes and that’s because it’s

  • a lot easier to type condensed information instead of writing it.

  • Also, be aware that when you type your notes you end up summarizing them a lot less and

  • are more prone to including irrelevant information in your binder.

  • Another thing you need to consider is how you want you notes to look.

  • Typing and printing your notes is a lot effortless and it achieves an overall cleaner and tidier

  • look.

  • Typing notes is not as near as fun as handwriting them because you can’t use all of your colored

  • pens and highlighters as go along.

  • However, if you can’t afford to lose time cleaning up your notes, typing and printing

  • them will surely achieve the most perfect result.

  • You also need to consider the costs of printing your notes.

  • Sometimes it can be cheaper than handwriting them; it all depends on the kind of printer

  • you have, the paper you print it on and if you print in high or low quality.

  • I will be honesthandwiritng your notes is much more fun than typing them.

  • However, I found out that I wasn’t being as thorough as I wanted while taking notes

  • and also, I had to take separate batches of noteslecture notes, discussion notes

  • and textbook notes; and with a computer, I am able to incorporate them in the same document,

  • move things around, and then print them after that chapter or module is complete.

  • I would suggest handwritten notes for anyone who:

  • DOesn’t have access to a printer; • Likes to customize notes and use coloured

  • pens; • Doesn’t take classes with a heavy load

  • of information; • Prepares classes beforehand

  • Has access to other materials, like textbooks, which they can rely on if something is missing

  • from their notes.

  • Also, if you are curious on how I color code and take my handwritten notes, you can check

  • out my video by clicking the link in the description box below.

  • I would suggest typed notes to anyone who: • Types a lot faster than they write;

  • Has access to economic printing at home; • Prefers a cleaner, crisp look.

  • Has really thorough and detailed classes; • Doesn’t have access to study materials

  • and attends lectures as the primary source of information.

  • If you want to know how I format my college notes and type them, this video will show

  • you all the essentials.

  • You can find the video listed in the description box below.

  • As for me, I’ve just started my senior year in college and I will stick to my typed notes.

  • I found out that whenever I was in a rush I would type my notes at home and stick them

  • in my binder.

  • In the end of the semester my binder turned into a hybrid of handwritten and typed notes.

  • Also, I was skipping some essential information in class and I had trouble organizing different

  • sources of information for the same chapter or module I was taking.

  • Typing everything in my laptop allowed me to customize the order of my notes, incorporate

  • new things into older documents and have a more flexible system.

  • I hope youve enjoyed this video!

  • Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you next week.

  • Bye!

Some people prefer handwritten notes and others prefer to type them on their computer.


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タイプされたノートと手書きのノート (Typed vs. Handwritten Notes)

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