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  • Hey wassup yo, this is your boy Diddy.


  • I'm Dawn. And we are, the dirty money crew.


  • Two thirds of the dirty money crew..


  • Killing the shoot here cuz we're on the set of our music video, "Coming Home," which you

    ここは俺らのミュージックビデオ 「カミングホーム」の撮影現場

  • know will be in stores, that whole album will be in stores, 12/14/10, 12/14, December 14th,

    アルバムが12月14日に 発売されるんだ

  • excuse my stuttering, I'm a little exhausted from shooting all these videos.

    噛んで悪いな 撮影で少し疲れてて

  • But um, I want to make sure I take the time out to tell you guys, please please please

    でもこれを言わなきゃな お前ら、お願いだ

  • subscribe to our youtube channel, ok? TrainTV,

    YouTubeチャンネルを登録してくれ TrainTVだ

  • This is going to keep you updated on, like, all of the emails, videos, you can get uploads,

    最新情報が入るぜ メールに動画にアップロード

  • all of that,


  • and we are always uploading behind-the-scenes footage, you know, glimpses of our life, cuz

    舞台裏の映像とか 私らの日常が見れるわ

  • you know you wanna see what Dirty Money's all about.

    ダーティ・マネーのこと 知りたいでしょ

  • and every time I do a Diddy blog and all that.


  • but you have to subscribe to TrainTv for all information about "Last Train to Paris", in

    まずはTrainTVに登録して 「ラストトレイン・トゥ・パリ」の情報を

  • stores December 14th.


  • We're gonna go and support Kalenna, she's singing, doing her thing, you know,

    じゃカリーナを助けに行くか 歌とかいろいろやってんだ

  • we're coming home baby. I'm back.


  • Subscribe here, Now!


  • Go, go! Train TV. Peace. Dirty Money.


Hey wassup yo, this is your boy Diddy.



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ディディ+ドーン、"COMING HOME "ミュージックビデオのセットに登場 (Diddy + Dawn On Set Of The "COMING HOME" Music Video)

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