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  • I have to do this because this is not me speaking, this is the people who wanted

  • to tell the world what they want to say.

  • North Korea is an unimaginable country, there is only one channel on TV, there is no internet,

  • we aren't free to sing, say, wear or think what we want.

  • North Korea is the only country in the world that executed people for making unauthorised international phone calls.

  • North Korean's are being terrorised today. When i was growing up in North Korea

  • I never saw anything about love stories between men and women. No books, no songs, no press

  • no movies about love stories.

  • There is no Romeo and Juliet, every story was propaganda to promote the Kim dictators.

  • I was born in 1993 and I was abducted at birth even before I knew the words freedom or human rights.

  • North Koreans are desperately seeking and dying for freedom at this moment.

  • When I was 9 years old I saw my friends, mother publicly executed,

  • her crime watching a hollywood movie

  • Expressing doubt about the greatness of the regime can get three generations of a family

  • imprisoned or executed.

  • When I was four years old, I was warned by my mother not to even whisper, the birds and

  • mice couldn't hear me. I admit it: I thought the North Korean dictator could read my mind.

  • My father died in China after we escaped North Korea and I had to bury him, at 3 a.m in secret.

  • I was 14 years old. I couldn’t even cry. I was afraid to be sent back to North Korea.

  • The day I escaped North Korea, I saw my mother raped. The rapist was a Chinese broker.

  • He targeted me. I was 13 years old.

  • There is a saying in North Korea: “Women are weak, but mothers are strong.”

  • My mother allowed herself to be raped in order to protect me.

  • North Korean refugees about 300,000 are vulnerable in China.

  • 70% of North Korean women teenage girls are being victimised, sometimes sold for as little as $200.

  • We walked across the Gobi desert, following a compass, when that stopped working

  • we followed stars to freedom. I felt only the stars were with us.

  • Mongolia was our freedom moment. Death or dignity. Armed with knives, we were prepared to kill ourselves

  • if we were going to be sent back to North Korea. We wanted to live as humans.

  • People often ask me: How can we help North Koreans? There are many ways, but I would

  • like to mention three, for now.

  • One, educate yourself so you can raise awareness about the human rights crisis in North Korea.

  • Two, help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom.

  • Three, petition China to stop repatriation. We have to shed light on the darkest place

  • in the world.

  • It isn’t just North Korean human rights it's our rights that the North Korean dictators

  • have violated for seven decades.

  • We need governments around the world to put more pressure on China, to stop repatriation.

  • In particular, Chinese delegates of One Young World can play a part by speaking out.

  • North Korea is indescribable. No humans deserve to be oppressed just because of their birthplace.

  • We need to focus less on the regime and more on the people who are being forgotten. One

  • One Young World, we are the ones who will make them visible. Fellow delegates, please join

  • me as we make this a global movement to free North Koreans.

  • When I was crossing the Gobi desert, scared of dying, I thought nobody in this world cared.

  • It seemed that only the stars were with me. But you have listened to my story.

  • You have cared, thank you very much.

I have to do this because this is not me speaking, this is the people who wanted


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Escaping from North Korea in search of freedom | Yeonmi Park | One Young World

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