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  • Once upon a time in a faraway land...

  • a young prince lived alone but had everything his heart desired...

  • um... except parents apparently.

  • The Prince was only 11 years old.

  • I think it's not completely clear anyway

  • He was a super selfish spoiled brat

  • But weirdly, despite a large staff, he still answers his own castle door

  • One night a haggard old lady showed up needing shelter,

  • but the prince dismissed her who being super ugly

  • Suddenly she became a beautiful enchantress

  • So the prince immediately slammed the door

  • because well he saw suicide squad and that movie sucked.

  • Belle, are you happy here with me?

  • Well... Yes.

  • What is it? If only I could see my father again. I miss him so much.

  • Hmm... Well, you can!

  • You can look at him in my magic mirror

  • Uh but that's silly. Just bring him here.

  • Like to live?

  • Yeah this castle is huge and he already knows about us.

  • He should just live here with us.

  • Do you mean it?

  • Of course!

  • I mean unless you want to go back to your provincial life.

  • No! That town thinks we're crazy!

  • I sang a whole song about it and wanting more than that stupid place,

  • Then it's settled! You and your dad will live here!

  • But not as my prisoners, but as guest. hehe.

  • haw haw haw

  • Be.... Our.....

  • No! No, stop. We're talking.

  • Oh Beast! I love you!

  • Sweet.

  • *grunts*

  • At least I got to see you one last time.

  • Ugaghhhhhhh.

  • *crying*

  • I love you.

  • Ooooh! I've still been stabbed!

  • Ugh!

  • Oh no!

  • Yeah Gaston stabbed me in the kidneys ah and shot me with an arrow!

  • Eeehh I'm still dying.

  • No!

  • Sadly the curse said nothing not puncture wounds

  • Beast! I love you!

  • Also... my name is not Beast you know.

  • You never introduced yourself.

  • Well you never asked either.

  • I'm sorry.

  • You really are a funny...

  • girl......

  • Deeeeaaaaah

  • I'm deaaaaad.

  • Well at least we aren't furniture anymore!

  • Prison Guest!

  • Prison Guest!

  • Stockholm syndrome is the BEST!

  • Oh wait. No, no, it's not my dear.

  • this beast you should detest.

  • Candles and clocks sing and twirl

  • Let their master's plan unfurl.

  • The accessories are accessory to kidnapping a girl,

  • But they're cursed so it's cool!

  • Come on girl don't be a fool.

  • Dancing and birdseed should not impress

  • A messed up love story!

  • Belle has a thing for Beasts.

  • Prison guest! Prison Guest! PRISON GUEST!

Once upon a time in a faraway land...


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美女と野獣の終わり方 (1991) (How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended (1991))

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