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  • I think we're well aware of it.

  • But perhaps we don't think about it so often.

  • But we're very lucky to live here in Norway.

  • And we're lucky to be here right now.

  • We're some very beautiful creatures really.

  • And sometimes the world we live in can be very hard on us.

  • The next song I sing for all the children we have inside us.

  • World is covered by our trails

  • Scars we cover up with paint

  • Watch them preach in sour lies

  • I would rather see the world through the eyes of a child

  • Through the eyes of a child

  • Darker times will come and go

  • Times you need to see her smile

  • And mothers' hearts are warm and mild

  • I would rather feel the world through the skin of a child

  • Through the skin of a child

  • When a human strokes your skin

  • That is when you let them in

  • Let them in before they go

  • I would rather feel alive with a childlike soul

  • With a childlike soul

  • No

  • No

  • No

  • No

  • Don't you

  • Oh please, don't leave me here

I think we're well aware of it.


A2 初級

AURORA - Through the Eyes of a Child (Stavanger, 17.12.2016)

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