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  • This video is supposed to be less of a traditional First Reaction, and more of a PSA.

  • That PSA being:

  • SHELTER, is a 6 minute animated short / music video animated at A-1 Pictures and written

  • by musical artist Porter Robinson.

  • It features a young girl seemingly stuck in a simulation of reality, and follows what

  • she does and what happens with and within that reality.

  • Obviously there’s not much more I can elaborate on beyond that, as I mentioned the video itself

  • is only 6 minutes and it’s highly possible that this video of me telling you it’s worth

  • your time will end up being at least half its length.

  • Ok maybe not half but it feels like it.

  • Though its length is one of the things that do make it work for me.

  • Many years ago I gave similar recommendations for shorts like Pale Coccoon, which if you

  • never got around to watching then I feel sorry for you because Crunchyroll stopped having

  • it availablesadly.

  • Anyways, I sometimes like these one off shorts because their stories and their atmosphere

  • and their ambiance, can raise my mood in only a short amount of time.

  • Well, as long as they don’t try to add in a story that takes more than their length

  • to tell.

  • But SHELTER does not overstay its welcome, if anything I’m intrigued by it and depressed

  • that the story was not given more time to be told, but that’s hardly a complaint.

  • It’s also a complete bonus that the animation

  • *Pause for effect*

  • Ahhhhh, the animation is drop dead gorgeous,

  • and the music is much more to my taste then say...

  • ...ME!ME!ME! *distasteful whine*

  • So, links in the description, go check that out and have a good few minutes of entertainment.

  • Proper first reactions and reviews to follow in due time, and until then, stay frosty everyone.

This video is supposed to be less of a traditional First Reaction, and more of a PSA.


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Is SHELTER Worth Watching? | First Reaction

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