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  • 영상 출처 : WongFu Productions (링크 참조) 본인은 자막 제작만 했을뿐, 상업적 의도는 없습니다

  • -sir?, sir?? - uh?

  • are u alright?

  • oh yeah, you guys just have really.. clean doors.. so

  • I'm just gonna go,, sit down.

  • Jean!

  • Jean~ Hey Jean! I,, I'm inside.

  • but.. you can't hear me so I'm just gonna stop talking.

  • Are u okay?

  • That was so embarrassing. Do you think anyone saw that?

  • No, no one saw~

  • except maybe all those people laughing over there~

  • Here is some ice for your forehead.

  • - oh~ I'm Okay - oh~ I'm Okay

  • They are really clean doors!

  • I know! Right!?

  • Definitely, Not how I imagine our first time, officially meeting.

  • Well~ what was it supposed to be like?

  • I don't know~ little more..

  • charming and smoother than at least running into doors?

  • oh anyway, here's your bag.

  • oh yeah, here's yours.

  • what is that?

  • uh? you don't recognize him?

  • It's Edgar.

  • Well, It did put on a little bit weight since he has been with me, but I

  • try not to bring it up because~

  • it's a touchy subject~

  • I love it. He is even cuter now.

  • And now, no one will accidently take your bag again.

  • Thanks Daniel.

  • oh hold on~

  • no no~ it is okay

  • wow` it's three already~

  • You.. in a rush?

  • Hot date?

  • uh~ no~

  • Ugly date?

  • no date~ I just..

  • have some writing I have to get them..

  • oh` yeah me too. I gotta..

  • go to some works so..

  • alright well.. I guess I should..

  • You should!..

  • come with me.

  • I wanns show you something.

  • I might get the job out here.

  • You deserve it.

  • You are a great writer.

  • I read your note book so~

  • But I have to move to LA.

  • Have you ever thought about living out here?

  • I've tried it once.

  • That wasn't much for me here.

  • Everything I know is in New York.

  • But..

  • I think I found the reason to give it another try.

  • so, sure you got everthing?

  • yeah~ are you sure that one's mine?

  • Positive.

  • Well~ it was nice to meet you again.

  • so~

  • will I be seeing you before I fly back?

  • yah~ I'd like that.

  • Hey, Jeremy

  • I know it's been a while since we last spoke but.. I guess I feel like I have to say, something..

  • I still think a while about how things were left off between us and... we should didn't happen in a way it did..

  • I am going to be LA a little while and I thought may be.. there be a chance to give us another try.

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영상 출처 : WongFu Productions (링크 참조) 본인은 자막 제작만 했을뿐, 상업적 의도는 없습니다


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Away We Happened Ep 4 - WongFu Productions X AT&T - 韓国語サブ by One1sh (Away We Happened Ep 4 - WongFu Productions X AT&T - Korean Sub by One1sh)

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