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  • In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over some of the differences

  • in vowel sounds in American English and British English.

  • Today I'm going to make a video with another awesome English channel on YouTube, MinooAngloLink.

  • The reason why I'm collaborating with them is because they're in the UK. So, together

  • we're going to talk about some of the differences between American English and British English

  • pronunciation.

  • Hi Minoo, can you tell me a little about your channel and AngloLink?

  • Hello everyone. My name is Minoo and my YouTube channel is called AngloLink. On this channel,

  • I teach British English, and I base my lessons on what I find to be the most challenging

  • areas of English grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary for my learners. So, I hope you

  • will come and have a look at some of my lessons.

  • Great. Let's start with the OH diphthong. This is the sound we use: OH. The sound used

  • in British English, however, is the schwa and the UH as in PULL sound. We so 'know',

  • know. And in British, it's 'know'. You can see in the pronunciation on the left, the

  • British pronunciation, that there's less jaw drop for the first sound, than the American

  • pronunciation on the right. Jaw drop is one of the topics I have to work a lot on with

  • my students.

  • Know. [6x]

  • Let's take a look at a sentence. Don't go alone. Each of these words has the OH as in NO diphthong

  • in American English. Don't go alone. In British English, Don't go alone. [4x]

  • The AH vowel. In American English, there are many words that have the letter O representing

  • the AH as in FATHER vowel. For example, hot, honest, mom, top. The AH vowel has a good

  • bit of jaw drop and totally relaxed lips. In British English, however, in these words

  • where the O represents the AH, there's a different vowel sound. There's more lip rounding and

  • less jaw drop. For example, I say 'hot'. Minoo says 'hot'.

  • Notice how much more Minoo's lips round for this sound. In American English, the corners

  • of the lips are completely relaxed, and the jaw drops a bit more.

  • Hot. [6x]

  • Honest. [6x]

  • An example sentence: Hot or iced coffee? Both 'hot' and 'coffee' have the AH vowel in American

  • English.

  • Hot or iced coffee? [2x]

  • Now let's talk about the AA vowel. In American English, when this vowel is followed by a

  • nasal consonant, it's no longer a pure vowel. With [n] and [m], we have an extra 'uh' sound

  • after the vowel. If it's followed by [ŋ], the AA vowel changes altogether and sounds

  • more like the AY as in SAY diphthong. Check out the video I made for more information

  • on this topic. Let's look at some example words. First, AA+N. Can, can, can. Do you

  • hear that extra 'uh' sound? Can. It's what happens as the tongue relaxes down in the

  • back before the tip raises for the N sound. Can, can. Now, let's hear Minoo say it. Can.

  • The vowel is more pure there, right from the AA into the N sound.

  • Can. [6x]

  • An example with M: ham, ham. Again, you can hear the UH sound as my tongue relaxes down

  • in the back before the lips close for the M sound. Ham, ham. Minoo says it:

  • Ham. [6x]

  • And now when the AA vowel is followed by the NG consonant sound, like in the word 'thanks'.

  • When we say it, thanks, it's much more like the AY diphthong than the AA vowel. Thanks. [3x]

  • Minoo says it:

  • Thank, thanks. [3x]

  • And finally, let's talk about the UR vowel. This vowel is in words like girl, world, first,

  • hurt, person, worst. But in British English, the R sound isn't included. For example, I

  • say 'first'. Minoo says:

  • First. [6x]

  • I say 'worst'. Minoo says:

  • Worst. [6x]

  • I say 'girl'. Minoo says:

  • Girl. [6x]

  • So there you have four differences in American vs. British English. If you liked this video,

  • click here or in the description box on YouTube to see a video I made with Minoo on her channel.

  • The topic is consonant differences in American and British English. It also has a list of

  • words with both British and American English pronunciation.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over some of the differences


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