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  • In this American English pronunciation

  • video, were going to learn how to

  • pronounce the UH as in BUTTER vowel.

  • This is a very relaxed sound. You can

  • see, uh, the jaw drops but the rest of

  • the mouth remains very neutral, uh.

  • The tongue is relaxed: the back presses

  • down just a little bit, and the tip is forward.

  • Uh. Keep your face really relaxed.

  • Let’s look at this sound up close

  • and in slow motion.

  • A very relaxed jaw drop with relaxed lips.

  • The tongue presses down just a bit in

  • the back. Here’s the wordstuff’.

  • Again, everything looks nice and relaxed.

  • The tongue presses down just

  • a bit in the back.

  • In a stressed syllable, the vowel curves

  • up then down. Stuff, uh. In an unstressed

  • syllable, it’s lower and flatter in pitch, and

  • a little quieter and quicker, uh, uh. The vowel

  • is unstressed in the wordundo’, uh.

  • Let’s take a look at this word up close

  • and in slow motion.

  • Easy jaw drop. Lips and cheeks remain

  • very relaxed. Tongue presses down

  • slightly in the back.

  • Compare the stressed vowel above

  • with the unstressed vowel below.

  • Notice the jaw may drop a bit more

  • for a stressed syllable.

  • This is typical. Unstressed vowels and

  • diphthongs are shorter, so there isn’t

  • as much time to make the full mouth position.

  • The UH vowel, stressed: stuff, UH

  • The UH vowel, unstressed: undo, uh

  • UH, uh, UH, uh.

  • Example words. Repeat with me.

  • Sometimes, money, above, untie, uphill, fun.

In this American English pronunciation


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American English - UH [ʌ] Vowel - How to make the UH Vowel

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