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  • So, here's the thing about waking up early. If I have to do it, if I have a event that

  • I have to get to, then I can easily get myself out of bed at 3:00 AM if it's a early flight

  • or 6:00 AM if I have to get to work by 7:00. If I'm left with my own devices, getting up

  • early is only going to happen if I'm forced to do it. If I have to be somewhere at a certainly.

  • Maybe you're just like me in that respect and maybe you also want to be able to get

  • yourself up in the morning before you have to be somewhere so you actually have time

  • to do something like eat breakfast or maybe workout or even just to read a book.

  • I definitely wanted that for myself so in this video I'm going to show you a technique

  • that I've been using that 100%, absolutely gets me up at 6:00 AM every single morning

  • during the week. Completely crazy, you say? Well it's been working for 6 months. Here

  • it is. The basis of my system uses an app called buffer, which is a social media scheduler

  • and I have a tweet setup in buffer that goes to my Twitter account which basically says,

  • "Hey, I'm sleeping in because I'm lazy. If you reply to this tweet I will give you $5

  • via PayPal, assuming that my alarm did not malfunction."

  • The tweet is scheduled for 6:10 AM so I have to get up every morning before that goes out,

  • get over to my computer and set it go out the next day instead of today. I also have

  • the hashtag #sleepingin on that tweet and I'm using an app called IFTTT to watch for

  • tweets that have that hashtag from my account. If it sees a tweet a like that, then it will

  • send an email over to Beeminder, which is a service that I've talked about before, which

  • tracks your goals and actually charges you money if you fail on them. If I sleep in,

  • I will guaranteed to be charged 5 bucks from Beeminder and also be charged $5 from anyone

  • who sees my tweet and wants me to pay them. An added incentive that comes from offering

  • to pay people if they reply to me is that there's a threat of social shame and embarrassment

  • if I have to do it. I'm essentially using the threats of both monetary loss and social

  • shame to force myself to get up every morning and I've been doing this for about 6 months

  • now. 100 percent of the time that I've set up the tweet, I have gotten up on time. Only

  • one time did I actually forget to move the tweet. I probably got distracted by my email

  • or something and I did pay $5 to the person who responded.

  • Since then, I have always remembered to move my tweet forward. I have a reminder setup

  • and HabitRPG to do it. Every single morning I'm up on time doing my morning routine. If

  • you're looking for a method that will actually make you get up in the morning without having

  • to rely on an actual obligation, try my method out. I just have one warning that I'll give

  • you before you actually start using it. You have to be 100 percent honest when you use

  • this method. Because if you let the tweet go out and then lie about it later, you're

  • essentially breaking the method for all future instances.

  • If you know that you've broken it in the past, then you're probably going to break it again

  • in the future. If you try to adopt this method, realize that it's a nuclear option for getting

  • yourself up and respect its power. If you want to know more about how I use this method,

  • I actually wrote a blog post about it over at College Info Geek with a little bit more

  • detail and this video serves as a bit of an update to let you know that, yes it's been

  • working for about 6 months now. Check that post out. If you want to get more

  • videos every single week and being an awesome college student and building better habits,

  • then hit the subscribe button below. Otherwise, I will see you in the next video. Well hello

  • there. Thanks for sticking around to the end of my video on how to wake up early. If you

  • plan on putting my system into action, then I would love to hear about it and you can

  • follow me on Twitter over at @TomFrankly and let me know that you did it.

  • I'll be up tomorrow morning at that time, so I will definitely respond to you. If you

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  • there. If you missed the last week's video, there's a clip of it playing and you can click

  • that clip to watch it and also if you would like to get a free copy of my book, 10 Steps

  • To Earning Awesome Grades, just click the picture of it and you can get it right there.

  • Thanks for watching.

So, here's the thing about waking up early. If I have to do it, if I have a event that


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