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  • It would take more than a man

  • To lead the slaves from bondage.

  • It would take a god.

  • But if I could free them, I would.

  • What has turned you against me?

  • From the time my sister brought you to the court,

  • I loved you, reared you,

  • Set you before my own son...

  • Because I saw in you

  • A worth and a greatness

  • Above other men.

  • No son could have more love for you than I.

  • Then why are you forcing me to destroy you?

  • What evil has done this to you?

  • The evil that men should turn their brothers

  • Into beasts of burden,

  • To slave and suffer in dumb anguish,

  • To be stripped of spirit and hope and faith

  • Only because they are of another race,

  • Another creed.

  • If there is a god,

  • He did not mean this to be so.

  • What I have done, I was compelled to do.

  • So be it.

It would take more than a man


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The Ten Commandments (8/10) Movie CLIP - Moses is Arrested (1956) HD

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