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  • Afraid of talking to new people?

  • I guess I haven't really tried it I dont really do it too much, so...

  • Go talk to the woman in the white

  • Hiya

  • Your trousers look really nice

  • I like your trousers

  • Oh thank you

  • They're great

  • I have a brother

  • I've got a brother

  • When I was in bed sleeping

  • When I was in bed sleeping

  • He got the yellow head

  • He came and got this yellow head

  • And he poured them all over me, whilst I was sleeping

  • And it felt like I had ants all over me and I screamed!

  • And I screamed I felt that I had ants all over me

  • I screamed this like...

  • And I screamed like this.. "Arrgghh"

  • Do it a bit louder

  • Waaaah!

  • Ask the man on the left if he has a brother

  • Do you have any brothers?

  • No

  • A sister

  • A sister?

  • Is she like the lady next to me

  • Is she like this lady next to me here?

  • All glamourous and pretty?

  • She's very glamourous and pretty

  • If only that were true

  • Oh, no, you are

  • Do you want a Mentos?

  • Oh, OK then, thank you

  • Mentos?

  • Thank you

Afraid of talking to new people?


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Mentos Mentors|トビーはジェイコブが新しい友達を作るのを手伝う。 (Mentos Mentors | Toby helps Jacob make a new friend.)

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