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  • In this Sprouts video, we introduce seven ways to learn a new language.

    この Sprouts 動画では、新しい言語を勉強する 7 つの方法を紹介します。

  • Drown yourself to swimming.


  • Leave the comfort of your home, and go to the place where they speak nothing but the language that you want to learn.


  • Then live there for the next six to twelve months.

    そして、 6-12 ヶ月そこで暮らしてみてください。

  • It might be painful and lonely at times, but you will surely learn how to speak the language and enjoy some memorable experiences.


  • Immersion.


  • Perhaps easier and also effective is immersion, or when you learn a new language through exposure and context.


  • So, for example, if you are learning Italian, do so in a pizzeria.


  • You can try to read the menu or maybe even go as far as order in Italian.


  • Antipasti, pizza tonno, or gelato anybody?

    Antipasti, Pizza Tonno, or Gelato とか?

  • Mnemonics.


  • Mnemonics, is a method to learn new vocabulary by creating an association that makes it easy to remember.


  • For example, let's say you want to remember the French word "chou," which means "cabbage" in English.

    Antipasti, Pizza Tonno, or Gelato とか?

  • "Chou" is pronounced like "shoe" in English, so you could imagine putting cabbages on your feet instead of shoes.


  • Then, when you need to remember "cabbage," your brain will think "cabbage; shoes; chou."

    次に「cabbage」を使いたいとき、自然的に「cabbage -> shoes -> chou」と思い出します。

  • Scriptorium.


  • Scriptorium is an exercise in writing.


  • Students write the language while simultaneously speaking it out loud.


  • Before you write a sentence you should first read it out loud; second, say each word aloud again as you write it; and third, read the sentence aloud again after you have written it.


  • The purpose of this exercise is to force yourself to slow down and pay attention to detail, and then review unknown words and refresh your grammar.


  • Shadowing.


  • Shadowing is used to learn vocabulary.


  • You listen to new words through headphones and try to repeat, to "shadow," them out loud as quickly as you can.


  • Inventor Alexander Arguelles, who speaks 50 languages, suggests that you do it while walking swiftly to maximise alertness and blood flow!

    50 種類の言語を話せる考案者 Alexander Arguelles は、早く歩きながら注意力と血流を上昇させた状態でシャドウイングすることを勧めています。

  • Tech and apps.


  • If you want to learn a new language, but you don't have anybody who can help, check out what's available online.


  • DuoLingo, for example, teaches many languages entirely for free.

    例えば、DuoLingo では色んな言語を無料で学ぶことができます。

  • It's fun and effective as they make you practice reading, writing, listening and speaking.


  • Quizlet is great tool to study vocabulary.

    Quizlet は単語を学ぶときに使えるツール。

  • It allows you to explore audio-supported flashcards, so you can learn new words and get the pronunciation right.


  • Get a study buddy.


  • If you are not into technology and would rather learn with others, do what popular YouTuber Timothy Doner, aka Polyglot Pal, recommends.

    もしテクノロジーに興味がなく、むしろ他の人と一緒に学びたいという人は、人気YouTuberの Timothy Doner(別名Polyglot Pal)がおすすめです。

  • Connect with people from around the world to teach and learn from each other via Skype.


  • It's one of the things that worked for him, and he already speaks 20 languages and he's not even 18.


  • Thanks for watching.


  • Also check out other Sprouts learning techniques, as they can complement the methods explained in this video.

    また、他の Sprouts の学習テクニックビデオも是非チェックしてみてください。このビデオで説明した方法を更にわかりやすく補足して紹介しています。

  • Please use the comments below to give us feedback or tell us which of the techniques is your favoriteif any!


In this Sprouts video, we introduce seven ways to learn a new language.

この Sprouts 動画では、新しい言語を勉強する 7 つの方法を紹介します。


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新しい言語を勉強する 7 つの方法(7 Tips to Learn a New Language)

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