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  • Hello Everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. In today's lesson we


  • are gonna look at phrases to write an effective cover letter. Now when do you write a cover


  • letter? When you are applying for a job. And what's the most important thing that you have


  • to send? It's your resume. So along with your resume it is important for you to send a cover


  • letter as well. So what exactly is a cover letter? Well, cover letter is of course a


  • letter or a document that you send as an introduction to the employer. So kind of adding additional


  • information about yourself when you are applying for a job. So first impression counts, Am


  • I right ? So in this lesson we will help you with some phrases that will create an effective


  • and very impressive image of yourself in front of the employer. So let's get started. The


  • first thing that we are gonna look at is starting a cover letter. So how do you begin writing


  • your cover letter? Well of-course the first thing is addressing it. So if you don't know


  • the person's name then you just gonna write ' Hello' and followed by one of these phrases


  • here and if you know the person's name then you just gonna write 'To, Mr Smith' and then


  • followed by one of these expressions. So let's have a look, the very first one 'I am writing

    の後にこれらの式のいずれかが続きます。それでは見てみましょう、最初のもの 'I am writing

  • in response to your advertisement posted on so and so website' So probably you spotted

    に掲載されたあなたの広告に応答しているので、おそらくあなたは斑点を発見したので、ウェブサイト' だから

  • this advertisement either on of these websites online or probably in the job column of a


  • newspaper. So if you spotted this advertisement then you have to mention it so you gonna begin


  • writing 'I am writing in response to your advertisement posted on' you can name the


  • website's name. Okay ! Now, another one - I was referred to you by - the person's name.


  • So you can just mention the person's name here, Now may be your friend mention " hey


  • you know what, there is a job opening and I think it's just perfect for you, why don't


  • you send them your resume" So this lady, or this friend of yours referred you for this


  • job, so go ahead and mention it in your cover letter. You gonna say - I was referred to


  • you by Mrs Johnson. Now another one - Please accept this letter as my application for the


  • position of ... So probably it is an position of an executive or manager or trainer so whatever


  • the opening is for, whatever job opening it is like may be its for a trainer. So you gonna

    その求人が何であれ トレーナーのためのものかもしれないだから、あなたは

  • write please accept this letter as my application for the position of a Trainer. So that's how

    "この手紙を受け取ってください" "私のトレーナーへの応募書類として" "この手紙を書いてくださいということで

  • you will begin writing your cover letter. If you have spotted an advertisement, this


  • is the expression you gonna use, if someone has referred to you for this job then you


  • gonna use this and then if its just in general then you can use this, okay! Now another thing


  • that you need to include in your cover letter is reasoning.


  • So giving a reason on why this job is just perfect for you. So how do you do that? well,


  • use one of these two expressions - The first one - This position represents an opportunity

    この2つの表現のいずれかを使用してください - 最初のもの - この位置はチャンスを表しています。

  • to continue my career path. So probably you are looking forward for a change , you are


  • probably looking for a better opportunity and this job opening is just perfect for you.


  • So you are gonna give a reason that you know probably this position represents an opportunity

    だから、あなたは理由を与えようとしている あなたはおそらくこの位置が機会を表していることを知っています。

  • to continue your career path. So you are looking for a change, you are looking for a jump then


  • you mention this. Another one - My professional skills appear to be well suited to your company's

    あなたはこのことに言及しています。もう一つ - 私の専門的なスキルは、あなたの会社に十分に適しているように見えます。

  • requirement. Now usually when you go online and you are looking for jobs you know the


  • company's requirements are always mentioned and if you think that you are just perfect


  • - you do have the skills, you do have qualifications and its just perfectly suits the requirements

    - あなたはスキルを持っている、あなたは資格を持っているし、それだけで完全に要件に合っています。

  • then mention this. 'My professional skills appear to be well suited to your company's


  • requirements' Okay, so this is one of the expressions that

    requirements' なるほど、これは表現の一つですね。

  • you can use. And now lets have a look at some expressions that will help you to close your


  • cover letter. So the phrases that you can use to close your cover letter are - If you


  • are interested, please contact me. So if you think that your skills and your qualifications


  • suit the requirements and you think they might end up calling you then just keep it very


  • simple - If you are interested, please contact me and then you can mention your contact details.

    simple - 興味がある場合は、私に連絡してください、その後、あなたの連絡先を言及することができます。

  • Now, of course your resume also has your contact details but in case you want to mention it


  • in your cover letter as well, that is fine. Another one - I am eager to talk about the


  • contribution I could make to your firm. Now when do you use this?


  • When you are really excited and you are waiting them to call you for an interview, so mention


  • this - I am eager to talk about the contribution I could make to your firm. So it means that


  • you are very positive and you looking forward to meet them in person. And then the last


  • one - I look forward with enthusiasm to an opportunity for an interview. So this is like

    1 - 面接の機会を熱意を持って楽しみにしていますということで、これは

  • a direct phrase, that yes I am sending you my resume and I am really excited and enthusiastic


  • about attending an interview or like a meeting in person. So mention this - I look forward

    インタビューに参加するか、または個人的に会議のようなものについて。だから、このことに触れてください - 私は楽しみにしています。

  • with enthusiasm to an opportunity for an interview. So your cover letter has to be really short.


  • You cannot end up adding too much of information in it because your resume is a more detailed


  • information, gives the employer a more detailed information. So a cover letter should be simple,


  • short and sweet. So go ahead, use these phrases that you have learnt today, I hope they are


  • helpful to you and do not forget to enclose your resume. Right? I will be back with a


  • new lesson, till then you take care and good luck for your interview.


Hello Everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. In today's lesson we



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