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  • [long car honk] [continuing heart monitor beeping]

  • [Reporter]: A number of students are being rushed to hospital...

  • [Shay]: It crashed.

  • [Frankie]: Who was on the bus?

  • [Zoë]: Grace. [Winston]: Tristan, Zig, Maya.

  • [Frankie]: Jonah. [Lola and Shay]: Tiny!

  • [suspenseful cymbal roll] [continuing slow heartbeat]

  • [Yael, whispering]: Oh my god.

  • [Lola, worried]: Oh my god.

  • [crackling paper]

  • [Miles, desperate]: Wake up.

  • [paper clatters on desk]

  • [Miles]: Wake up.

  • ♪ [suspenseful music accelerates]

  • [Miles]: Wake up!

  • [low rumble]

[long car honk] [continuing heart monitor beeping]


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A2 初級

デグラッシ:ネクストクラス シーズン3公式予告編 (30秒) (Degrassi: Next Class - Season 3 Official Trailer (30 sec))

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