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  • Hi, welcome to China Uncensored,

  • I'm your host Chris Chappell.

  • Spies.

  • They're everywhere.

  • "As first reported by the New York Times,

  • the Chinese government has deployed spies inside the US."

  • Uhhh, no, I'm not talking about the surge of Chinese spies in the US.

  • I'm talking about spies inside China.

  • Hostile foreign forces.

  • And believe me,

  • I should know.

  • Spies in China are out of control,

  • as you may have seen from this recent documentary.

  • And the Chinese people must be vigilant against these foreign spies.

  • Fortunately the Communist Party's days of helplessness are over.

  • No longer will spies be able to freely walk down the streets of China without consequence.

  • Because according to Xinhua News Agency,

  • China has created a hotline you can call to report on spies.

  • Now, I know what you're thinking

  • "But what about your phone bill?

  • Oh don't be silly, just dial

  • 12339.

  • That's right. Just dial 12-3-3-9 to report a spy.

  • And don't worry,

  • making false accusations against people is illegal so there's no way this could devolve

  • into some kind of Hitler Youth thing.

  • But how do you spot a spy?

  • Well, as someone from the hotline told the New York Times,

  • "Anyone can be a spy. And anyone can also not be a spy."

  • You see? All you have to do is separate out the spies from the not spies.

  • Here, let's take a look at a typical scenario.

  • "Excuse me, do you happen to know any national secrets?"

  • Can you tell who's the spy in this scenario?

  • Why of course the young woman is.

  • Why else would she be standing here instead on the hotline reporting a suspicious looking

  • foreigner?

  • How about this one?

  • Haha, wessels.

  • But if you're still confused,

  • last year, the China Folk Counterespionage Manual,

  • whose origin is dubious,

  • began circulating on the Chinese Internet.

  • And it has some useful tips for weeding out spies.

  • For you know any "socially active students?"

  • They're probably spies.

  • The most nefarious of which are the "illogical science majors" who get emotional about politics.

  • Why would science majors care about politics, hmm?

  • Remember the last time illogical students showed an interest in politics?

  • Of course you don't remember,

  • because you're a good Chinese citizen who doesn't who doesn't listen to online rumors

  • about alleged massacres.

  • And clearly, China's new hotline is working,

  • because when the New York Times called on Monday at 4:30 pm,

  • they were told they were the only call of the day.

  • See? No more spies. Mission accomplished.

  • So what do you think about China's new spy hotline?

  • Have any tips you'd like to offer about spotting spies?

  • Leave them in the comment section below.

  • But if you think this whole spy thing is just a witch hunt,

  • well in India,

  • witch hunts are actually a thing.

  • Check out this video from Seeker Daily.

  • "The mob rushed into Orang's house and dragged her out,

  • took her to a nearby stream,

  • almost stripped her naked,

  • and beheaded her in broad daylight"

  • Her accuser was self-proclaimed goddess.

  • Once again I'm Chris Chappell, see you next time.

Hi, welcome to China Uncensored,


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