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  • Have you ever seen or been surrounded by a color and it made you feel a certain way?

  • There's a reason for that, I'm Nick welcome All Our Questions where I search

  • the internet for questions that we all want answers to and I answer them. Today's

  • question is, what do colors mean and how do they make us feel? We're gonna

  • find out and we're starting right now!

  • Unlike most other mammals humans can see three color groups. A mix of red, green

  • and blue. I go into that and why we see colors in certain ways and a lot more

  • details in the "Why is the sky blue" video if you haven't seen that yet I'll put a

  • link in the description below and I'll put a link at the end of this video if

  • you wanna go check it out. We'll never really know why but scientists seem to

  • think that there's an evolutionary benefit to humans being able to see in

  • color. They seem to think that we evolved the ability to see colors so that we could

  • distinguish between food that we can eat vs foods that are poisonous that we

  • should definitely stay away from. These days

  • studies have shown that colors have a psychological effect on us as well. The

  • color red for example can cause a human's heart rate to rise due to a release of

  • adrenaline. The eyes will also focus in on a red object before it will any other

  • color, hence the extreme use of red in advertising, danger signs and street

  • signs. While red gets our blood pumping there's another color that has the

  • opposite effect. You're probably thinking that it's blue and we'll get to the blue

  • here in a minute but the color is actually pink. Studies have shown that if

  • you put a rage filled man in a pink colored room he will calm down

  • significantly quicker than if the room is any other color. It has even been shown

  • that looking at the color pink makes men physically weaker and reduces the amount

  • of testosterone they produce so keep that in mind fellas. You might also find

  • it interesting to know that Deluxe paint conducted a survey where they found 42

  • percent of males and 30 percent of females have the same favorite color...

  • that color is blue. Real quick, let me know in the comments down below what

  • your favorite color is, mine is red. Blue evokes feelings of calmness and

  • serenity

  • and it's used by businesses and marketing campaigns to protect stability and it's

  • also used to project authority.

  • Green is the easiest color on the eyes and it's symbolic of nature and like blue it

  • produces feelings of calmness and relaxation. Purple is associated with

  • royalty, wealth, luxury and sophistication. These associations stem from the

  • time-consuming and expensive process involved in making the color purple

  • a long time ago. Basically they made the dye from sea snails and it was such a

  • time-consuming and expensive process that only royalty could afford to actually

  • make it happen. Yellow, like red is an attention-getter. If you have a baby it's

  • important to know that your baby will most likely cry more if it's in a yellow

  • room. If you have a temper you're more likely to lose it if you're hanging out

  • in a yellow room. Yellow also speeds up metabolism and helps us focus and it

  • makes us hungry. Think of that next time you're looking around at fast food logos. Black is

  • primarily associated with authority and power as well as evil and death but you

  • fashion folks out there know that black can also make us appear thinner. Wearing

  • black can also make us feel more confident and empowered. While the

  • effects all of these colors have on us can come from

  • associations or instincts that are buried deep inside of our brains,

  • personal experience can also have a huge impact on how we perceive color. For

  • example, if you have a lot of fond memories of hanging out in your grandma's

  • yellow living room then there's a really good chance that when you see the color

  • yellow your brain is going to release some dopamine and you're gonna feel happy

  • when you're exposed to the color yellow. Now hopefully you'll see this huge world

  • of color just a little bit differently. If you enjoyed this video remember to give

  • it a thumbs up and if you're not already subscribed make sure to hit the

  • subscribe button somewhere on this page so you can get more answers, to all our

  • questions. Thank you so much for watching, I'll see you next time!

Have you ever seen or been surrounded by a color and it made you feel a certain way?


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