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  • Welcome again to The Eats of Taipei. Tonight, we are Gongguan Night Market [公館夜市].

  • We are just a little way from Gongguan MRT Station.

  • We're at Roosevelt Road [羅斯福路 四段] and first of all,

  • we're going to go to Lane 90 [九十巷] Ok. Let's check it out

  • There are many different kinds of sausages here. [大腸包小腸]

  • There are two basic kinds. The red is just a normal kind of

  • Taiwan sausage and the whites sausages are (filled with) rice.

  • But you can get black pepper [黑胡椒], wasabi[芥末], garlic [大蒜] and

  • other kinds of flavours (fillings).

  • 你的嗎? [Is this yours?] Garlic and spicy

  • Ok. That's garlic and spicy.

  • Push it (up)

  • Ok. That's for me is it?

  • This is really good. Lots of different flavours. You have got the sauces here.

  • Great sausage.

  • Here's a lady just making the fried dumplings[煎餃].

  • Here's a kind of luwei stand [滷味] - very Taiwanese kind of food

  • Lots of foods I don't really know, but if you come in here, we can just see some foods.

  • You got the duck head, duck neck. I mean all

  • kinds of things I don't know. but pig's blood cake [豬血糕].

  • This kind of food is very popular in Taiwan. Have a look.

  • Ok. This is the fried pancake stand.[煎餅] There are many different flavours.

  • At the moment the boss is doing the peanut one[花生]{actually, sesame!}

  • The other flavours are (let me see) sesame [芝麻], red bean [紅豆],

  • cream [奶油] and black sugar.

  • so, let's just see how he makes the pancakes.

Welcome again to The Eats of Taipei. Tonight, we are Gongguan Night Market [公館夜市].


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台北公館夜市の食べ歩きその1 (The Eats of Taipei Gongguan Night Market Part 1)

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