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  • They say Borax is for laundry.

  • But I know that Borax can do almost anything.

  • Such as keeping flowers beautiful forever.

  • Borax and cornmeal is what dries and preserves them.

  • Mix one part Borax,

  • Two parts cornmeal,

  • And stir.

  • Place the mixture into a box.

  • Coat the bottom,

  • Put in some flowers,

  • And gently cover.

  • Let 'em dry for about two weeks.

  • Voila!

  • Visit our uses page to discover

  • The Many Ways To Use Borax

They say Borax is for laundry.


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ホウ砂を使った花の保存方法 (How to Preserve Flowers with Borax)

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