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  • Just a minute, I'll be right with you.

  • All right......

  • I don't understand. What does it say?

  • Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order please?

  • The menu is in some kind of gibberish.

  • Whipppp

  • Wvippsk

  • Alpacix

  • I am sorry I don't think we serve that here.

  • I don't know which one it is up there.

  • You can't read it. Is something blocking it?

  • No, how are you going to read that?

  • I just want a burger.

  • The letters are garbled.

  • I can't read it.

  • I can't.

  • You can't read it?

  • No.

  • Well, why don't you come on over to the window and we can sort it out.

  • Ok, got it.

  • Hi, there. I don't read gibberish.

  • You don't?

  • Did you see that...the menu?

  • I can't read what it says.

  • Did you know that one in five people worldwide can't read?

  • What you saw on that menu is what they see all day.

  • Oh, man.

  • How do they go about their day?

  • wow...

  • So we are raising the awareness for World Literacy Month.

  • -Cool! -Ok!

  • Have a great day!

Just a minute, I'll be right with you.


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バーガーキング|世界リテラシー月間 (BURGER KING | World Literacy Month)

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