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  • You were joking back stage. You said you were a little upset that you were not in the Harry Potter films.

  • Because you were in a giant franchise---

  • You were in the one of the biggest movies of all time.

  • But for a long time I was one of seven British actors who was not in Harry Potter.

  • You know what I mean?

  • So I would see these films come out and like, yeah yeah, Harry Potter.

  • So I was already an adult by the time they were coming out.

  • So I didn't quite get their appeal, and I hadn't read the books.

  • And it was only when I became a dad, and my children started being interested in them,

  • that I thought it is great and fun, and I love watching them as a family thing.

  • But yeah, for a long time,

  • it was just me and six other people going... staring through the window like orphans in the Dickensbook.

  • How old are your kids?

  • 6 and 9.

  • Oh my god. That's so cute.

  • Congratulations on that.

  • Thank you.

  • But I mean, are they psyched that their dad is the Hobbit? Do they get to see this or no?

  • No, they do. They are some bits that are a little bit dicey. Because, you know, it's a big spiders in this series of film.

  • You know, there are some scary bits and some of it is kind of dark.

  • Trust me, I get scared.

  • Yeah!

  • There is, as they say mild peril.

  • But yeah. They are very proud that their daddy is in it.

  • There’s also the 3D, IMAX. I mean, imagine being a 9 year old watching the IMax.

  • I've not even seen it in IMAX.

  • Really?!

  • Have you?

  • Yes! Of course I've seen it. Absolutely.

  • You were amazing in IMAX.

  • Was I good in IMAX?

  • Much bigger, much bigger.

  • But it's unbelievable, because you submerge into this world and it surrounds you.

  • That's just the most fun thing in the world.

  • Theyre kind of made for these giant screens.

  • They sort of... Uh...

  • I think what Peter Jackson's strength is though, as a film maker, as well as sort of working on that scale, and those kind of the epic nature of it,

  • he always wants you to care about character, he always wants you to care about stories...

  • So in the mix of the huge battle sequence so whatever,

  • they're some of the best choreographed battles I've ever seen.

  • He would always cut back to eyes. You know, the cost of this violence, the cost of these battles.

  • It's not just the boys shoot among movies or whatever it is.

  • It's always still about characters.

  • And it's the last one, right?

  • It is. It is the third of the three.

  • Unless you know something I don't.

  • Yeah I do. Uh...

  • It's gonna be a movie that the HobbitsIt’s a surf movie.

  • Yeah yeah. It gets weird, but it's still in IMAX.

  • So it's gonna be fun. Hobbits surfing is really fun.

  • No, but this is it! This is the fun. Are you sad?

  • Or a little emotional? Bittersweet?

  • No, I'm not sad. The last day shooting, I got kinda emotional when saying good bye to people,

  • realizing it's been on and off two and half years of your life with those people,

  • because from beginning to end it was two and half years.

  • Lovely! Amazing!

  • Lovely casting crews.

  • So yeah! As you saying goodbye, you realize that is, "God this is it now."

  • That's slightly emotional. But really, it's just relieved that you can now share it with an audience.

You were joking back stage. You said you were a little upset that you were not in the Harry Potter films.


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