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  • This video is an open letter to the world.

  • Enough, we have had enough.

  • We as Africans are sick and tired of being belittled and overlooked

  • for somebody else's humanitarian agenda. So allow me to make this abundantly clear:

  • Africa is not a country.

  • It is a continent, a big one

  • with 54 countries and a lot to offer.

  • We could fit North America, China and Europe in our boarders and still have space.

  • We are one of the biggest continents on the planet,

  • and yet we are conveniently overlooked. When you ask me questions about Ebola, you

  • should know that I've never even been to West Africa.

  • I am 4000km away. And whilst I know enough to differentiate

  • the countries and the different customs, I cannot even begin to tell you what it's like there.

  • When I tell you that I live in Rwanda, you ask me "Isn't that dangerous?"

  • I am genuinely appalled by you who claim to

  • be knowledgeable, and up to date with global affairs,

  • but you don't know that the genocide ended 20 years ago.

  • When I tell some people that I am Zimbabwean and South African,

  • but I live in Rwanda and I moved around several countries in Africa,

  • I was asked whether I was a refugee. Because I couldn't possibly have the wealth

  • or reason to travel around by beautiful continent without the threat of death.

  • I refuse to stand any longer and let people

  • tell me about the country in Africa where I'm from

  • where we are too poor to function and that our government - "singular" -

  • is corrupt and we have no idea of what we're doing.

  • I refuse belittled and treated like a second class citizen.

  • I refuse to be made into a novelty when I achieve something great.

  • You know, you all think that the way you put Lupita Nyong'o on a pedestal

  • and nearly worshipped her is amazing, like it's the higher honour or accomplishment

  • for an African. Don't get me wrong, we are very proud of her,

  • because one of us achieve something great, we celebrate as communities.

  • But if you think that you have painted Africa in a positive light through her,

  • you've actually done the opposite. When you make someone an idol like that,

  • it says to us that you are so surprised that an African could achieve something that great,

  • like no one has ever done it before Our continent is full of amazing and inspiring

  • Africans who are making difference in their communities,

  • so it's not a surprise to us when one of us succeeds exceptionally.

  • It seems like you think that is all we have to give

  • and that couldn't be further from the truth. We really have gotten the raw deal throughout

  • history. We've been looked down upon, colonised,

  • our resources have been stolen, we've been segregated, subjected to violence,

  • institutionalised racism. We as Africans have accomplished so much:

  • Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Paul Kagame, Wole Soyinka,

  • Wangari Maathai, Strive Masiyiwa, Chimamanda Adichie, just to name a few.

  • Why can't you see our achievements rather than the single story of poverty and

  • helplessness? So I want you to do a few things for me today:

  • take five minutes out of your day to open Google and look up the map of Africa.

  • Look at the different countries, learn a little bit about them

  • and the great things that we have achieved. Never address Africa like it's a country again;

  • Next time you refer to a place in Africa, be specific.

  • Don't ask if we speak "African", don't confuse it with Afrikaans,

  • which is a Cape-Dutch language mostly spoken in Southern Africa.

  • Don't ask us if we know each other just because we come from the same continent.

  • Do not ever assume that we are poor or refugees. Don't ask if we live in huts.

  • Don't ask if we live amongst wild animals. And remember that we as Africans were performing

  • successful c-sections and brain surgeries, thousands of years before European doctors

  • took it upon themselves to wash their hands before surgery so their

  • patients would stop dying. We have been asking for years to be respected,

  • to little avail. Today I put my foot down and I am calling you out.

  • To quote Kapuscinski

  • "the continent is too large to describe. It is a veritable ocean, a separate planet,

  • a varied and immensely rich cosmos, only with the greatest of simplifications

  • can we say "Africa". And so I say to you, the rest of the world,

  • that it is time to pay attention to us. We are very quickly overtaking you

  • and we refuse to be overlooked any longer, from Iwani.

  • If you want to learn more about the points I raised in this letter, please follow the

  • link down below. I will be also be posting it to my Tumblr

  • page from where you can reblog and share to other people.

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  • I would love to hear your thoughts. My name is Iwani Mawocha

  • and this is Pepper and Sol, my Youtube channel, and I will see you the next time I post a video.

This video is an open letter to the world.


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アフリカは国ではありません (Africa is NOT a Country)

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