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  • *singing* da da duh da da duh da da duh duh

  • Today, I am trying on women's underwear.

  • Not just any lady's though... Victoria's Secret underwear.

  • I will not like this. This will not be over quickly.

  • Gimme dem panties.

  • Uh, actually, yeah, I fit into this pretty okay.

  • These are much lower than they appeared.

  • Let's take a look. *laughs* Oh my god.

  • I mean, you sorta like, spill a little on the sides and front.

  • There's no way for me to wear these without something popping out.

  • Uh, maybe if I tuck it up.

  • This is why girls are always picking it out of things.

  • You see that? You see that? See that? Like, how high it, like, makes my, like, butt seem to go.

  • MAN 1: Ooh! MAN 2: Yeah! MAN 3: I like the print.

  • Like, I imagine, the lower half of my butt just lightly hangs out of them very sexually.

  • *grunt* A lot of adjustment needs to be done in this one.

  • These are luxurious. They feel great!

  • The bottom of my cheeks are hanging out, in what I can only describe as, uh, like, reverse muffin top.

  • How's the back? OOH YEAH! Make my butt look goood!

  • Oh yeah! That's nice!

  • MAN 1: It's not going anywhere. Very tight. MAN 2: I can't stop rubbing my butt.

  • MAN 1: Look at that, no jiggle at all. MAN 2: I get to keep these right? Cause no one else is going to try 'em on.

  • Aw, hell no. Ohh HELL NO!

  • WOW! Whoa..

  • Where's the... where's the rest of it?

  • Oh my. This is going to completely disappear inside of me.

  • Oh, it feels like I'm putting on nothing.

  • MAN 1: Oh, it's right up my butt! MAN 2: Ooh, okay.

  • Ohh, this is too small. You guys got me one WAY too small.

  • *laughing*

  • Coverage on the front... minimal to none.

  • Because I can see EVERYthing.

  • You know how, like, side boob is a thing? We're getting like, side dick over here and it's really confusing.

  • Like, if this is my underwear, my balls are like, shmerrh.

  • MAN 1: Feels like somebody put some string in my butt. MAN 2: My ass is literally sucking them, like a vacuum.

  • No, my butt ate the fabric. It came, it saw, it conquered. It just snarfed it right up.

  • I wish you guys could've seen what they look like.

  • Clearly these were not made to accommodate... my shapes.

  • MAN 1: It was so comfortable. MAN 2: That one kind of hurt my balls.

  • You want your guy to look sexy? Don't put them in your underwear.

  • Ladies always say walk a mile in their shoes? I'll do you one better, I'll walk a mile in a thong! We'll have some severe chaffing from that but, I'll do it. Just to learn the struggle.

*singing* da da duh da da duh da da duh duh


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Guys Try On Ladies' Underwear For The First Time // Try Guys

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