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  • Official Selection Cannes Opening Film Festival

  • I am expecting a call from Ginger Rogers

  • She's unhappy with her representation, so, who knows

  • Phil, it's Rose

  • Rose?

  • Your sister

  • My son, he's coming to Hollywood

  • The man meets with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper.

  • I'm impressed,

  • Written and Produced by Woody Allen

  • Hello?

  • Come in! Sit.

  • Christ, man it's all about ego, this whole town runs on ego,

  • Yeah, I'm Bobby

  • Bonnie, come in here, can you?

  • Bonnie, this is my nephew Bobby

  • The two time Academy Award Winner.

  • Wow, congratulations!

  • Thank you. If you have never heard of me, I'm a writer.

  • Welcome to Hollywood. *laugh*

  • Hey pal, you bored already?

  • I'm kinda half bored, half fascinated.

  • My brother Ben owns a nightclub, he has asked me to help run it

  • When will you know?

  • Well, we have to see when the owner's willing to sell.

  • We're trying to persuade him.

  • We ask politely, people listen.

  • Are there more beautiful girls in Hollywood or New York?

  • Why, is that how you will decide where you will live?

  • You're very beautiful.

  • I'm seeing someone.

  • Oh

  • I know quite that love kills more people each year than tuberculosis

  • Doesn't he want to try me?

  • Listen, I am so lonely, I would have been happy to talk, but I am now even too tired for that

  • You like jazz music?

  • I do in the morning.

  • Anytime in the morning.

  • Love is not rational, you fall in love.

  • You lose control

  • Wow.

  • Is that good or bad?

  • No answer is also an answer!

  • Ahh,

  • Socrat once said: "The unexamined life is not worth living",

  • But the examined one is no bargain

  • Uh hum, yes?

  • Cafe Society, written and produced by Woody Allen

  • Life is a comedy, written by a sadistic comedy writer

  • May 11th

Official Selection Cannes Opening Film Festival


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Café Society Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart Movie HD

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