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  • Hello, and welcome to "Weird, Gross and Beautiful,"

  • a casual discussion about animals

  • that I think are weird, gross, beautiful, or all three.

  • And that is the most gorgeous gecko you have ever seen.


  • Geckos are so cute.

  • And they can be so tiny.

  • Do you want to know how tiny?

  • I'll tell you.

  • The smallest gecko ever 1.6 centimeters.

  • It's so tiny.

  • Can you imagine?

  • I can.

  • Most species of geckos are nocturnal.

  • And we know what that is, yeah?

  • I shouldn't have to explain that to you.

  • Geckos have a lens and each iris that expands in the darkness.

  • And so their eyesight is over 350 times more

  • sensitive to light than ours, 350 times.

  • No wonder they're nocturnal.

  • Geckos don't have eyelids.

  • They have a little transparent membrane

  • that's used over their eyes, which

  • they keep clean by licking.

  • They use their long ass tongue.

  • And they're just like, wa-poo, geh, wa-poo.

  • And it keeps it clean.

  • So they can't blink.

  • So, they're out the sunlight.

  • Most gecko species can lose their tail.

  • And it's called autotomy where if a predator pops them

  • by the tail they can detach their tail.

  • And the tail will keep wriggling to distract whatever

  • predator was trying to get them.

  • And they'll scamper away.

  • Later, like way later, they'll come back around

  • and be like, hey do you eat my tail.

  • Because otherwise if you didn't I'm going to eat that.

  • Because there's lots of valuable nutrients.

  • And I need those.

  • Can I have my tail?

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah, they're real fond of eating themselves.

  • They shed their skin, especially they're around

  • water sources they'll shed like every two to four weeks

  • or whatever.

  • Then they eat their skin.

  • Because nutrients are important.

  • Ew.

  • The word gecko is an onomatopoeia

  • for the sound that the geckos make when they're

  • talking to each other, gecko, gecko.

  • Ah, that's cute.

  • We're back to cute things, you guys.

  • I went to Florida not that long ago.

  • And there was a bunch of kids that could catch them.

  • And they were very good at it.

  • So I got to hold some.

  • Just so you guys know, we are still taking video submission

  • for the community video of "Weird, Gross,

  • Beautiful" on manatees.

  • And if you want to learn more about that you can check out

  • this video right here on swans to learn about all that stuff.

  • But if you already know about it and you

  • know that you want to participate

  • follow the link in the description tool form.

  • We're going to need that from you.

  • So please be sure to check that out.

  • And a big, big thank you to Flaszka

  • for suggesting today's animal.

  • I love you so much, my love.

  • Mwa, mwa, mwa, mwa, mwa.

  • And I love you guys.

  • And I'll see you next time.

  • Bye.



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