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  • - Hi Steve. - Hi.

  • The holidays are fast approaching and my boyfriend’s first christmas was with

  • us last year and he got into a huge argument with my cousin.

  • My cousin left the house. And this year he’s my fiancé, and I want

  • to keep the peace. Do you any ideas?

  • Yeah, yeah, don’t have your cousin over at the house.

  • [laughter] [applause]

  • - Fair enough. - He’s your cousin! He’s way down the line.

  • You gonna marry this guy. You obviously have the same political view

  • as your fiancé. - Mostly. [laughs]

  • Well, he’s gonna have the same views as you

  • - SHORTLY! - [Laughter] Yes he will.

  • So, it’s going to be good! Yeah! And just don’t invite your cousin over.

  • Your cousin look like he had his last holiday with y’all.

  • - And congratulations, by the way. - Thank you.

- Hi Steve. - Hi.


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Ask Steve: This’ll be his last holiday with you! || STEVE HARVEY

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