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  • shit, guys, code blue in the bathroom

  • nose goes

  • come on I did it last time. You didn't say it

  • you didn't say it.

  • I don't need to say, my finger went there first

  • come on, am I supposed to drip drying here?

  • go get her

  • fine

  • she's coming

  • Hey guys

  • hey. Hello

  • are they together?

  • why you guys always think that? no

  • I think they think we're gay

  • probably

  • I mean I'm gay but I wouldn't hook up with you

  • Hey~

  • Ok guys, Laura just texted and asked

  • if we want to go to a party tonight

  • Uh

  • yeah I'll tell her we're studying

  • yeah good

  • Oh tell her we have diarrhea, no don't

  • then she asked me about taking Greek Lit next semester

  • so yeah I would say yes if she wants to go

  • or she just wants to know if you're gonna take Greek Lit next semester

  • no I think that's it anyway

  • ok I'm asking her to the cafe right now, and tomorrow...

  • I'm just taking this away

  • Ok guys I found his Linkedin

  • good I found his Yelp profile

  • and he left a really nasty review two years ago

  • oh my god you guys

  • I think I found his grandmother is a witchery

  • Aren't we gone to far?

  • too far is not far enough!

  • He's going on a date with Chloe

  • dying

  • I'm trying to get hungover off the tequila

  • I got four people's numbers in the bathroom

  • my whole body is sweating

  • I feel like a clammy clam

  • so I'm not saying I invented Tinder

  • but I did have the idea at the exact same time

  • what about the App that deliver the food to your right door?

  • that's just called delivery

  • ok I just want to say some fresh ideas

  • Hey you guys wanna get dinner

  • we broke

  • my parents are in town, they are paying

  • oh, I'll go with you

  • oh she was in the cab with another guy

  • oh wine, wine, we need wine

  • oh I got you I got you I got you

  • Wait what's this? this isn't 'two buck chuck'

  • this looks really nice

  • where is the wine opener?

shit, guys, code blue in the bathroom


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