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  • Creating beautiful art in a very different way.

  • 16-year-old Robaba Mohammadi was born with partial paralysis of her limbs.

  • But hasn't let that stop her drawing.

  • Instead of sketching with her fingers she uses her mouth.

  • And its given her a great deal of strength.

  • Robaba says before she started drawing she was so depressed and cried at least two or

  • three times a day.

  • "Before I starting drawing, I was hopeless and when my sisters and brothers were going

  • to school I always said to myself 'See, they are younger than me but they have gained lots

  • of knowledge, such as writing and studying but me, I am not even able to write my own

  • name'.

  • I was so depressed I was even crying two or three times a day."

  • In Afghanistan disability is often perceived as a weakness.

  • Not for Robaba though - she started drawing two years ago and now has lofty goals.

  • "My dream is to hold my art exhibition in Aga Khan Museum which is one of the biggest

  • museums in Canada, and I'm requesting my people to help me in order to reach my dream which

  • is having my art exhibition in Canada."

  • Hopefully Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take notice and speed up the process.

Creating beautiful art in a very different way.


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障害を持つアフガニスタンのティーンエイジャーが口で信じられないような肖像画を描く (Disabled Afghan teenager draws incredible portraits with her mouth)

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