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  • Tell everyone what it's about and who you play.

  • I play Walter "Robby" Robinson,

  • who is a person who actually exists.

  • Anyway, it's the story of the cover-up

  • of the cardinal law archdiocese child abuse scandal

  • In the Catholic Church in Boston.

  • And we were just talking about it.

  • It's really an extraordinary movie.

  • And you never - it sounds odd when I say this,

  • but at the end, it's actually, in an odd way,

  • really uplifting.

  • People kind of feel angry, but you feel kinda good.

  • And when you see it, you'll see why that

  • how courageous these journalists were to just

  • relentlessly go after this story and, you know,

  • make people face the music.

  • Yeah, and I know your mom is a member of the Catholic Church

  • or was a member of the Catholic Church

  • And she would drive you

  • to church every day?

  • She was also a member

  • of Hell's Angels, but...

  • No.

  • She was a devout Catholic,

  • and every morning, she would drive to mass

  • without a driver's license 'cause she never got one.

  • So she was breaking the law on the way to church,

  • and I imagine confessing.

  • I'm not sure. - Right.

Tell everyone what it's about and who you play.


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