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  • You must remember this

  • A kiss is just a kiss

  • A sigh is still a sigh~

  • The fundamental things apply

  • As time goes by~

  • And when two lovers woo

  • They still say, "I love you"

  • On that you can rely~

  • No matter what the future brings

  • As time goes by~

  • Moonlight and love songs

  • Never out of date

  • Hearts full of passion

  • Jealousy and hate

  • Woman needs a man and

  • man must have his mate

  • That no one can deny~

  • Well, it's still the same old story

  • A fight for love and glory

  • A case of do or die~

  • The world will always welcome lovers

  • As time goes by~

  • As time

  • goes

  • by~

You must remember this


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As Time Goes By- ラブライブ!(CCの英語歌詞) (As Time Goes By- Love Live! (Eng lyrics in CC))

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