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  • Hey folks, it's Barry here from My Virgin Kitchen, welcome to Family Food Tube.

  • Today's recipe is fresh and healthy and so simple It is just... It can make dozens of dishes

  • It is a perfect make-ahead healthy family solution and trust me if I can make it, I'm self-taught,

  • you definitely can. We're making a really simple tomato sauce today with basil and garlic and

  • the cool thing is it can be made in batches and then stored in your freezer until you

  • need it then with a few tweaks you can make like a variety of dishes like hundreds it

  • is so good you can toss it through cooked pasta to use as the main sauce or perhaps

  • even serve it alongside with cooked some meatballs oh my gosh that looks good or even make it

  • your new go-to pizza topping, other options include a homemade salad dressing or a salsa

  • the world really is your oyster or tomato in this case so hopefully you wanna give this

  • a go you're gonna need the following ingredients hit pause on the video now our recipe is actually

  • up on the website so you can check it out on there too lets get cracking

  • we start off by adding our pan onto our hob on a low flame and chucking in our olive oil

  • now earlier I chopped up some garlic cloves we;re just gonna push those straight in to

  • our pan as soon as they start to begin to colour what we'll do is add in some fresh

  • basil again this was a bunch that I had earlier and just tore it off in to little pieces but

  • add that in there and also our plum tomatoes get that all in there looking amazing whilst

  • that was warming through I was using my spatula to break down those plum tomatoes if you're

  • using a wooden spoon or even a potato masher do that just to squish up those plum tomatoes

  • a little bit give it a seasoning of salt and pepper and just keep until it reaches a simmer

  • looking amazing so yep as soon as it's come to the boil remove the pan from the heat and

  • we're gonna strain that sauce through a sieve in to a large mixing bowl now you can use

  • your spatula to push any large bits of tomato through and just get it all on there and make

  • sure you scrape the bottom of the sieve to get off any little chunks of tomato I actually

  • did this in batches because I found that it sort of spilled over if you did too much so

  • do it a little bit at a time until you're left with a really lovely tomato sauce discard

  • any leftover bits of basil and garlic then simply pour the sauce back in to the pan,

  • we're gonna bring that up to a boil and then let it simmer away for a good five minutes

  • to help concentrate the flavours it should be ready when it's the perfect consistency

  • for spreading on a pizza and if you're not using it straight away you can actually store

  • it in a jar in your fridge or what Idid was actually put it in some freezer bags put it

  • in there let it cool to room temperature and then stick it in your freezer until you need

  • it now that you've mastered this really simple tomato sauce why not take it up a notch Jamie

  • has got this amazing barbecued baked bean recipe, Michela has got this fantastic one

  • pot hunters chicken and my good friend KerryAnn has got the tomato sauce as the base of her tuna pasta bake video amazing

  • so basically once you've mastered this really easy and tasty tomato sauce you are set up

  • in the kitchen and the kids absolutely loved it my daughter chloe helped me make this amazing

  • but simple pizza so quick and yummy and also this pasta meatball dish went down an absolute

  • storm they were loving it oh yes so for loads more great family recipes,

  • please be sure to subscribe to Family Food Tube Channel and I will see you again next time!

Hey folks, it's Barry here from My Virgin Kitchen, welcome to Family Food Tube.


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【料理】自家製トマトケチャップの簡単な作り方 (Simple Tomato Sauce | Barry Lewis)

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