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  • I know I keep saying this but you're fantastic in the movie.

  • Ah, ah. Also, you have a scene that you're underwater. But I was like...I don't know maybe CGI or something but you told me

  • Let me tell you, nothing in this movie is CGI, like

  • That's not true. -Well, I mean, ok yes, a few things like...

  • It's like a whole full on floating explosion.

  • Like when the world, like when the world is kind of blowing up. That didn't actually happen.

  • There's like a crocodile man, fighting people. - It was a big budget, but it wasn't that big.

  • But the explosions are all real. All real, I mean, lots of prosthesis, like crop prosthesis

  • And how did you go underwater for that long and what is it...

  • I had to learn to hold my breath underwater for a really long time.

  • Can you do you do that?

  • So you, I worked with this this amazing freediver.

  • And he came in and I did four sessions with him.

  • His name's Kirk and I called him Capt. Kirk, and anyways,

  • - he was it's all about lowering your metabolic rate and I'm.... - The metabolic rate?

  • - Yeah. Because as soon as you start using... - How do you lower that without breathing? - It's all about conserving oxygen.

  • You kinda like, meditate underwater. It's what freedivers do but it's amazing and

  • and then I, you know, we did four sessions and

  • we sit pretty much because once we start moving, and I obviously have to be fighting underwater,

  • you use up more oxygen then you can't stay under as long. But I can do like resting breath hold of 5 minutes.

  • - Which meant I could do like a... - You hold your breath for 5 minutes underwater? - Yeah

  • Which I never thought was possible. I was like...oh maybe I'll aim for 3.

  • - But we started doing it. - We can probably rob a bank somewhere!

  • - An underwater bank. That's what I need.

  • With your talent, and my idea.

  • What are we doing this for? - Yeah, this is ridiculous. We're gonna be gazillionaires.

  • And we started getting really competitive. And as you know, we've played games together before, I get a little competitive, so

  • My stunt double, Ingrid, she would do a session. She's like, "I made it to 3 minutes." So, I was like

  • I am gonna do another session. 3 and a half minutes, 4 minutes, 4...anyways, I got to 5 minutes and I was like,

  • you know what, this is above and beyond what I'd thought I'd get to. I'm good, I'm good with 5.

  • She did one extra session, she goes "I got to 5 and a half" and I was like

  • "I need another session!" And they were like, "No one needs to drown over this!"

  • We got the scene. We're good. We're got the take.

  • The scene takes 1 minute. You don't need to do this.

  • - We're cutting all this out anyway. - It's getting ridiculous!

  • Yeah, and then I watched it and they cut like, the first half and the last half, and I was like,

  • but I was underwater for so much longer than that.

  • You're like "I'm under the water...I'm standing in the sea...what does it mean..."

  • Weird. That's on the soundtrack, isn't it?

I know I keep saying this but you're fantastic in the movie.


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【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】Margot Robbie Learned to Hold Her Breath for Five Minutes for Suicide Squad

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