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  • Hi, this is 13N

  • Here we are for a basic tutorial on how to ride

  • What you see in front is Yamaha's street supermoto

  • It's a WR250X

  • Let's first take a look at where the controls are

  • On the left, we have the clutch

  • You change gear by moving shift lever here

  • Step all the way down is first gear

  • and then upshift to 2, 3, 4 ,5 6

  • Neutral is between 1st and 2nd gear

  • and on this side

  • it's the rear brake lever

  • Front brake lever

  • Throttle

  • ok, I am in neutral right now

  • so I can move it back and forth freely

  • the key is already in the ignition and ready to start

  • Usually kill switch is switched off when bike's off

  • Let's start over

  • Ignition on

  • Kill switch on

  • Hit the starter button

  • Before we start, lift the kickstand up

  • The basic controls are

  • First pull the clutch toward yourself to disengage

  • so that you can put into the gear you want

  • You can only shift when clutch is pulled in

  • As said earlier, stepping all the way down is 1st gear

  • kick down

  • Now we are in first gear. Neutral light is off

  • When clutch is pulled in, it is like you are in neutral

  • Give it gas, and bike won't move

  • The next important thing is to feel the clutch

  • and feel the friction zone

  • That's when transmission is fully engaged

  • My clutch engages far out

  • The bike is moving now

  • Now pull in the clutch and brake

  • ok we are done here.

  • Just kidding, there's more!

  • Let's do it again

  • Bike is now moving forward

  • I haven't fully released the clutch yet

  • When I fully release the clutch

  • The bike stays in 1st gear and moves forward

  • When you brake, pull the clutch in before fully stopped

  • If you don't pull in the clutch, the bike will stall

  • ok, let's do it again

  • Before coming to a stop, remember to pull in the clutch

  • let me turn around

  • let's say you release the clutch and give it gas at the same time

  • Just a little bit of gas

  • The bike will accelerate quicker

  • Listen to the engine speed

  • Fully release the clutch, and you are now riding with throttle only

  • When decelerating and coming to a stop, remember to pull in the clutch

  • Basically, riding in first gear was just like that

  • Again, first gear down, second gear up

  • In between, it's neutral

  • Clutch is pulled in

  • Lift the lever gently to get into neutral

  • I am in neutral now

  • In neutral, you can gas it and bike won't move

  • now let's try

  • starting in first gear and move forward then brake

  • remember the clutch

  • say we are shifting to 2nd gear

  • we need to downshift to first when stopping

  • Often you can brake, pull in clutch, stop, then downshift back to first gear

  • so you brake, brake, brake

  • when approaching to stop, downshift to first

  • like this

  • ok, brake

  • Clutch is pulled in

  • Alright! That's it folks

Hi, this is 13N


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