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  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

    ♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪

  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

    ♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪ 3 00:00:06,400 --> 00:00:07,531 ♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪

  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪


  • (in ad: quirky singing)

    視線がこっちに 突き刺さってくる

  • (speaking Japanese)

    これ おかしい? なんで笑ってるの?

  • - (in ad: screechy singing) - Oh, sexy.

    ここで見たものは 言葉じゃ説明不能だよ

  • (groans) She is just staring into my soul.

    (Finebros) 短いCMだったけど あの商品を

  • (in ad: one long note)

    - 食べたくなった? - いや 逃げたくなった

  • (in ad) Hai!

    あの脚を広げる前までは ノーだけど

  • (in ad: jovial laughter)

    あのあとで しかも笑い声がしたから 食べたくなった

  • - (in ad) Hai! - Oh.


  • - (in ad: jovial laughter) - (giggles)

    何を宣伝してるCMか 全然わからない

  • What, is that funny? Why was that guy laughing?

    しょうゆ? なんだろ?

  • (speaking Japanese)


  • Words cannot express what we just experienced there.

    (Finebros) どうして家族が 歌って踊りながら 宣伝する?

  • (imitates screeching song)

    知らないよ ゾッとした

  • (cracking up)

    しょうゆが口に入ると 口の中で祭りが始まるんだよ

  • (Finebros) That one was pretty short, but did it make you want to eat


  • - whatever that treat was? - No, I wanted to run away from that.


  • (speaking Japanese)


  • Before they did this split in the air, no,

    こうやってヘマをしながら 体が締まっていくのか

  • but then once they did that and someone laughed, yes.


  • (in ad: speaking Japanese)

    "倒れると思ってるのか? 倒れねえ!"

  • (silent laughter)


  • Dude!


  • (in ad: singing cheerfully)

    (Finebros) 腹筋を鍛える マシンなんだけど

  • I have no clue what they're selling me right now.


  • Soy sauce? What is this?


  • (in ad: singing cheerfully)

    素晴らしい やられた

  • (parroting what is said in video)

    面白いよ あの… (歌を口ずさむ)

  • Whoa.

    いいキャッチフレーズになってる 頭に残るし

  • (Finebros) Why advertise it with a dancing, singing family?

    言ってる意味は 全くわからないけど

  • I don't know and they were frightening.

    ちょっと 何これ?

  • When you try the soy sauce, it is a celebration within your mouth.


  • You open it up and rainbows shoot out.


  • (speaking Japanese)

    あー わかった

  • (in ad: speaking Japanese)


  • (in ad: screaming)

    なるほど きれいで さっぱりか

  • - (in ad: woman begins to sing) - (laughter)

    さすが日本人 ほんと頭がいいよ

  • (in ad: man screams)

    (Finebros) どうして人間が 髪にしがみついてる?

  • - (in ad: woman begins to sing) - (laughter)


  • (in ad: couple argues)

    髪の汚れを 意味してるんじゃないの?

  • (both scream)

    たぶん彼の人生にいる 悪いヤツらなんだよ

  • - (in ad: woman begins to sing) - Woooow!

    髪の汚れを取り除くみたいに 悪いヤツらを

  • - (in ad: man screams) - Oh my god.


  • This guy's gonna get so fit out of all of these fails.

    (Finebros) 今聞いて 初めてわかった

  • (in ad: battle cry)

    ♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪

  • - (in ad: woman begins singing) - Nope!

    (Finebros) アメリカの文化について 変だと思う部分はある?

  • You think I was gonna fall, bitch? Nope!

    (Finebros) 自分たちが 変だと思うことが

  • (speaking Japanese)

    他の国ではごく普通かもしれない これについてどう思う?

  • I genuinely loved that one.

    それはあるね 自分らの常識にない ってだけだと思う

  • That was my favorite one by far.

    いつもテレビに映ってるものは 変だとは思わない

  • (Finebros) So that's a fitness machine to work out your abs.


  • What did you think of their approach on their marketing?


  • Well, it's definitely funny.


  • That was great. I'm impressed.


  • I think it's fun. I think the little...(hums ditty)


  • It's a great little catch phrase there. It's stuck in my head.


  • I have no clue what they're saying.

    ペンシルバニアの人たちが 大勢集まって

  • (in ad: fearful screaming)

    動物を持ち上げながら "おお 予言はなされた

  • Oh my god! (laughs) What am I looking at?

    冬はあとひと月だ!" とか言うんだよ

  • (through laughter) What?


  • (speaking Japanese)

    (Finebros) 以前 トップYouTuberに

  • Is that a hair?

    今回とは別のCMを 観てもらった映像がある

  • Oh, I see what's happening now.

    それを観て リアクションをしてもらえる?

  • (in ad: speaking Japanese)


  • Were they on his hair?

    (ビデオ) 見たことある

  • Oh, yeah, fresh and clean.


  • The Japanese, man. They're so clever.

    (ビデオ) うわ

  • (Finebros) Why the choice to have humans holding onto the hair?

    (ハンナ) 現実って何? "やめてよ 日本!"

  • They didn't want to leave.

    (ビデオ) 何てこった

  • I'm guessing that was the dirt in the hair, right?


  • Maybe these are bad people in his life.

    (ビデオ) あの犬にだまされちゃだめだ

  • Just like you get rid of the bad people in your life,

    (Finebros) これまで見たCMの中で

  • get rid of the dirt out of your hair.

    どれかひとつに 出演できるとしたら

  • (speaking Japanese)


  • (Finebros) That makes so much more sense now.


  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪


  • (Finebros) Is there anything that you find weird about American culture?

    オレンジに逆さに 突き刺さってる役がいい

  • (speaking Japanese)

    脚広げてさ こんな感じ…

  • (Finebros) What are your thoughts about how we might consider

    毛根にしがみつくの 超やりたい

  • something to be weird, but it may be completely normal somewhere else?

    俺はさ あんなに大勢の 日本の女の子に

  • That's a good point. I think it's just unconventional for us.


  • If you turn on the TV, and that's what you watch, none of them are weird!

    あのフレンチメイド服 自分すごく似合うと思う

  • I feel like it's pretty standard, right?


  • You look at the way us Americans behave--

    最後に出てきたあの ポン引きみたいなおっさん

  • like Groundhogs Day.

    あれやりたいよ ただ座って

  • That's weird.


  • If you're from anywhere else in the world

    ♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪

  • and, all of a sudden, you tune into television

  • and here's a bunch of people in Pennsylvania

  • holding up a groundhog, saying, "Oh, my gosh, the oracle has spoken

  • and now we're gonna have another month of winter!"

  • That is pretty weird.

  • (Finebros) So we have a clip from different commercials

  • that we showed in the past to YouTube stars

  • and we're gonna have you react to their reactions.

  • (laughing) Okay.

  • (in ad: fanfare)

  • (in video) I've seen this one.

  • Ooh, I love this one!

  • (in video) Oh god.

  • (speaking Japanese)

  • (Hannah) What is reality? Stop it, Japan!

  • (in video) What the...?

  • That is utterly terrifying.

  • (in video) Don't trust that dog.

  • (giggling)

  • (Finebros) So, finally, if you were gonna choose to be

  • in one of these commercials that we showed you,

  • which one would you want to be cast in?

  • (speaking Japanese)

  • The ab machine was pretty cool.

  • (speaking Japanese)

  • - Mama mia! - (Finebros laughs)

  • I want to be the person face-down in the orange

  • so I can split my legs and then go-- (chuckles loudly).

  • I wanna hang off of a hair follicle so very badly.

  • I would really, really, really love to be surrounded by

  • so many Japanese girls at once.

  • I feel like I would look really good in the French maid outfit,

  • flipping pancakes.

  • If I was casted as the dude at the end, he looks like a pimp.

  • Just have me there, just sitting the table like,

  • "Good job."

  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

  • ♪ (end music) ♪

♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

♪ (ドラマチックな音) ♪

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