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  • Game show music

  • Welcome to... [male host voice] 'What's On Youuuurrrr Plate?'

  • Contestants, can you name where these foods come from?

  • [clock ticking]

  • How about where these fruits and veggies grow?

  • [clock ticking]

  • If you found some of those a bit tricky, you're not alone!

  • A new survey has found that quite a few Aussie kids are confused about how their food starts

  • out! It quizzed more than a thousand primary school kids on their fresh food knowledge.

  • Most kids thought it was pretty obvious that eggs come from a hen, and milk comes from

  • a cow. But around one out of four kids didn't know that cow's milk is also used to make

  • butter and cheese, and almost one out of three didn't know that tomatoes grow on vines.

  • The results didn't get better when it came to cooking skills. Many parents thought their

  • kids wouldn't know how to bake a potato or boil an egg.

  • Experts say these results aren't good, because kids could be getting into bad habits early

  • on. They reckon people who understand their food and where it comes from are more likely

  • to make healthy eating choices like picking a fresh option over a packaged one.

  • That's why, at some schools, kids are getting a head-start in the kitchen and the garden!

  • [Reporter] Tell me about all the plants you're growing... what's happening here?

  • So here we've got beetroot growing and we've got some eggplant as well, over there.

  • That's massive, it's growing well!

  • Yeah it is.

  • Kitchen Garden programs like this one teach kids how to grow and harvest their own food.

  • [KID] So we have to buy the seeds and then we have to get the dirt and then we plant

  • them and we have to water them.

  • Everything they grow here ends up here! Where they learn to prepare their produce in all

  • sorts of ways. These kids say it's lots of fun and they're learning skills that'll help

  • them stay healthy now and in the future.

  • I reckon for me, it's the cooking. I like chopping up all the food and making

  • it into salads.

  • [GIRL] I think it helps kids to eat healthy 'cause it's like from the garden and it's fun.

  • [REPORTER] And when it comes to what's on their plate; these guys know the answers.

  • [GIRL] Most people, when they see an apple, they'll just eat it, but we know that it's

  • been grown in an orchard and it's gone through a seed to an apple on a tree.

  • I think it's made me appreciate more fresh foods from the garden because we put

  • a lot of work into all the food that comes from the garden.

  • [REPORTER] Plus, they're trying things they never tried before!

  • [BOY LEFT] Eggplant. [BOY RIGHT] Sushi.

  • I never liked carrot, but when I started planting I just kind of fell in love with

  • carrots!

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